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Last night I dreamt I wrote RPF again...

When I saw Jon Stewart on THE Late Show on Stephen Colbert's first night back in the studio with the live audience, I was struck by how much I LOVE him and Evie and my good old Jon/Stephen Fake News RPF AND my Stephen/Keith fics AND Keith/Rachel (yeah, I know).

That led me to thinking about my Hugh/Bobby saga. Some of the happiest writing times of my life, working with my beloved Beta Goddess and being so tinhatty, I believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two gentelman involved were actually having an affair. I even came damn close to believing my John Barrowman/David Tennant fics were rooted in reality. We all know I was "bat-shit crazy" as many people stated at the time, and in the throes of my addictive behavior around food. So yeah, basically miserable, but the highs involved in the fandom activity were pretty good highs and on some level I miss it.

The dream as Take That RPS, which is odd because while I wrote a few vignettes of Robbie in the Who-verse I never particularly shipped any combinations and wasn't completely up on the whole Robbie/Gary psycho-drama at the time.

I'm working (very slowly) on a RPF story involving Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Parker, suggested by my sister. I don't have a lot of time anymore as I prioritize crazy stuff like Recovery, Work, and Sleep now.

I wrote a Yuletide story last year under a sock, but the muse and the writing muscle aren't there the way they used to be. I'm happy that I'm busy at work, anticipating a return to Yoga in the studio in September and my going back to my beloved Mint Karaoke Bar, although I'll be happier when they chill out and drop the mask thing. I'm sorry kids, singing in a mask sucks donkey ballls. Working in it leaves a lot to be desired, but TSA says that goes on at least until September. One does not simply walk into Mordor and one does not argue with TSA.

But on the whole life is good. I wanted to dance in the aisles of Trader Joe's yesterday while I was shopping without a mask. I'm a much happier and better person than I was when I was cranking out the RPF like it was going out of style and Stephen was my Fake News fandom bicycle always guilt-ridden about cheating on Evie, but always doing it. Now if I were writing, it would have to be Stephen/Evie/John OT3.

Wishing you all Happy Juneteenth, Independance Day, Life Without Masks.

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