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Ten miles in the rain. That'll be good for the cold.

OK, not ten miles in the pouring rain. Ten miles in drizzle, cold, sun showers and some wind. But still, ten miles. Ten not very fun miles. Last long run before the half-marathon on the 3rd. Next week I'll do some more hill-running as a taper.

Definitely not doing the Chinatown New Years run. I didn't have a lot of fun doing last year. I don't have anyone to do it with, and I've already got the t-shirt from doing it last year so there's not much incentive.

Newspaper notes:

Two stories in the front section of Saturday's Chronicle with quotes from the same woman--I think it's a woman, but I could be wrong. I just found it interesting. Obviously I have too much time on my hands when I'm at brunch or I just pay too much attention to the Chronicle.

#1-Aunt kills self, young siblngs in traffic
"There are not many other scenarios I can think of that are as tragic as this one," District Attorney Gerry Leone said.

#2-'Most eligible bachelor' found not guilty of attempted rape
"We were confident in the case we put before the jury, but we must respect their decision today and we thank them for their service to the commonwealth," prosecutor Gerry Leone said in a statement.

If anyone in the Cambridge area sees Gerry, give her a hug. She seems to be having a rough week.

And is it me, or do both of these stories sound like a CSI or an L&O episode?


Hair Day & Mint

The hair looks great. Sebastian is a genius AND he's now on the Torchwood bandwagon as well, having been given KKBB by his friend David. He's NOT completely gaga over John interestingly enough. Thinks he's good-looking, good actor, singer etc. Loves the Jack character, but Sebastian is just NOT into white guys and one thing Mr. Barrowman is is whiter than white.

He hasn't seen any of Season 1, so he doesn't know the antecedents and when I asked if he thought Jack was more interested in Ianto or Gwen, he said 50/50.

At the Mint, we were treated to a reading of the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet by Ben the Bartender and Daddy Dave, who has finally lost the pornstache.

It was nice and mellow and I sipped (appropriately) mint tea to keep warm because it's been fucking freezing around here.

Song List for Sunday night:
I Want You To Want Me-Cheap Trick
What Is Love-Haddaway
Dawning-Jay and the Americans
I'm Still Here-Follies (There was a show-tune/Diva fest going on so I had to contribute.)
Redemption Song-Bob Marley

Hubby hung around taking pictures for a while. Presumably those who want to get on stage and sing don't mind having their pictures taken. WE got home around 8PM and finished watching the 1st season of Carnivale on DVD. Weird. Weird. And more weird.

I know I did three days at the gym, two with weights and one with 30 minutes on treadmill but don't know exactly which was which. The treadmill was Thursday because I basically wrote my Jack/Owen, Jack/Ianto story while I was doing it.
One lunch walk day, which I think was Tuesday and Friday/Sat/Sunday I vegged while fighting the cold.

Writing update-

Saw KKBB on Wednesday, got plot bunny Thursday morning and posted Friday, which was stupid, stupid stupid. I broke my own rule about not posing fic on a Friday, especially the one before a three day weekend, so even though I got some WONDERFUL comments, a mini melt-down ensued.

Regarding Novel 2008, I'm noticing, or maybe just re-learning one difference between short form fanfiction and a long haul novel---you need to take time to spell things out, that in fanfic are taken for granted or given as information on the fly. I have a character who is going to turn out to have a serious drug problem, and I wrote a scene where I just put that fact out there in passing as something my protagonist knows about the character.

That needs to be removed for now. She shouldn't know yet and her finding out should be a long process which at least one dramatic scene involved. I have the time to tell a whole story, I need to take it.

I've also gotten my Jack/Rose ficathon assignment, developed a nice mental outline of a big House story, and am still working on the all dialogue meme requests.

I haven't felt as focused on the novel as I want to be. I'm still too obsessed with the fanfic because I crave the instant gratification, as well as the need to subvert canon I don't like.

Not sure what to do about this. Open to suggestions.

LOVE TO F-LIST, especially those suggested that my life would be better with Firefox than Internet Explorer. It had been suggested before and I'd resisted, possibly because one person who suggested it was Former Soul Mate. Now I've switched and I'm pretty happy, especially about being able to beef up the font size when reading LJ, plus the tab thing.

Special thanks to beta_goddess for keeping me company in the sandbox this weekend.

And join me in welcoming njzynj to LJ! (Waves, blows horn, throws confetti!)
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