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Torchwood fic- Two Jack/Owen drabbles Rated PG

Thanks to hllangel and michelleann68 for insta-beta

Title: Repairs
Wordcount: 150
Rating: PG
Spoiler for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Summary: A moment from KKBB

Did he fix you?

Jack answered with a typically egotistical response, because that’s what they expected, but Owen’s question re-opened the same wound that had been cut into his being when the Doctor casually pointed out his essential wrongness in the universe.

His immortality must be an affront to everything that Dr. Harper had studied and believed in all his adult life. It’s one thing to accept aliens and another to sanction a man who can’t die.

Owen had always gotten under his skin, pissed him off, refused to give in to the charm that Jack used like money, especially when it was the only currency he had. Owen, with his own deluxe package of demons must have taken a look around the Hub and reckoned that the man who’d hired that lot was more fucked up than all of them put together.

He’d never forgive him for knowing that.

Title: Rescue
Wordcount: 200
Rating PG-just a bit slashy if you squint.
First series only-US safe!
Summary: Missing scene for Combat
Schmoopy by my usual standards. That's what this show does to me.

I didn’t want to be saved.

There were so many things Jack wanted to tell Owen about death. It was never beautiful or glorious or heroic and it certainly never proved anything.

He said nothing, but he couldn't just walk away. He stayed in the room with Owen and his pain, both the wounds left by the Weevil and the deeper scars left on his psyche when Diane made her decision to go and shattered Owen’s short lived illusion of happiness.

Some boss he was. The team suffered under his nose and he barely noticed until it was too late, and people nearly died, because he was so wrapped up in his own betrayal and abandonment even after all this time.

It was time to start reaching out again.

Owen’s eyes narrowed with suspicion as Jack approached the bed and then widened as Jack took his hand and held it. Owen didn’t pull his hand away, but didn’t squeeze back either. He just lay there, letting Jack feel his anger and resentment and eventually sorrow, until the drugs and exhaustion conspired to pull him into sleep.

“It’ll be OK,” Jack whispered, knowing he was lying, but wanting to believe it.
Tags: jack harkness, jack/owen, owen harper, torchwood

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