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Torchwood babble for Sleeper

Comments after first viewing. Posted at 1231AM, while hungry and bleary-eyed.

Title: Aside from the "sleeper" agents, possible allusion to Woody Allen movie? Or is it just me.

"Funny" Ianto is still failing to impress me. He either comes off juvenile, or petulant, or whiney or smug, but in no way amusing or any way attractive. Here's the deal, he's fucking Jack, I get it. No way around it. But the emotion and tension, and yeah folks, the eye-sex, at least in this episode is all with Gwen. Jack takes out in the field. He lets her play good cop. He jokes with her. He indulges her. He touches her a lot. (I know. That's Jack. He does it with everybody, but she's in more scenes with him, so she defacto gets more of it.)

He asks about her wedding, presumably to remind both of them that there is one.

The lack of a Jack/Ianto scene at the end made me superduperhappy (Yes, I know I'll be miserable sometime soon.) And we saw Jack's legs in plain sight, so no trying to say that Ianto was under the desk sucking Jack off the whole time he was talking to Gwen.

Am I the only one who noticed and wondered about Ianto offering Gwen his arm as they walked away from the drawer after putting Beth in?

It came out of nowhere, had no follow up, and started a slew of plot bunnies going. I'd love to do some really subversive Gwen/Ianto, where Jack THINKS Ianto is all about him, but he's really two-timing him with Gwen and in fact the whole "Rhys engagement" was just to throw him off the track. Eeeeeeevil. (If I recall correctly the last exchange between them was the one about "Remind me never to get on your bad side.")

Carrying over from House, I see Gwen as Wilson and Ianto as Cameron, although I know most House MD H/W slashers would object to that characterization. If that's the case, then Gwen/Ianto- equals Wilson/Cameron, especially Post MLC (in this case End of Days.)
I know I shouldn't try to equate my "Marriage" fandom with my "affair" fandom, but that's just the way I am.

I don't think it's deliberate, but they may want to stop hiring women of color to play aliens to end up getting blown to smithereens. It's getting a bit unseemly.

I'm totally hot for badass-mofo-torture guy Jack, but if I turn off my hormones for two seconds, he is a bit disturbing. One wonders if The Year has made him more likely to go into that mode or not. He was already pretty hard--core in Countrycide, so it could just be who he is. Remind me not to turn my hormones off.

Supplemental thoughts on torture and badass-mofo-Jack.

Oh, Owen, my little underappreciated love-monkey. Even when you're being scum, I love you. Plenty of Jack/Owen bunnies in the hutch as well. (We don't need no steenkin' canon.)

Still not enough for Tosh to do, but it looks like that gets rectified in the next episode.

Stay tuned for fics and further musings.
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