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I'll do my crying in the rain!

OK, I'm not really crying. It's just totally cold and gross and wet and disgusting and I stayed up late downloading and watching TW (thanks again guys!) and I just don't want to be here! (Now that's what I call proliferating "ands.")

And now some tidbits:

Cliff in Datebook:

That's the entertainment section of the Chronicle, which used to be called the Pink Section and was actually PINK. God I miss those days. Anyway article today about Sleevefaces , which is just (as far as I can tell) pictures of people holding up album covers (remember those, kiddies) in front of their faces and having pictures taken. Wow, that's newsworthy.

Anyway, some of you are aware of my longstanding love of Sir Cliff Richard, who hasn't had a hit over here in bazillion years, hasn't toured the States since 1980 and generally wouldn't be in the
Chronicle datebook, so it kind of caught my eye to see this picture on the front of the datebook, along with album covers of Ted Nugent, Iggy Pop, John Coltrane, Tyfanny and others:

I'd LOVE to know who had that album and decided it use it as their "Facesleeve" picture and why.

Anyway, I like the cover a lot and it reminds me of Cliff at his late 70's early 80's hotness.


God I'm tired. I want to go home and sleep like RIGHT NOW. Maybe that Coca-cola I had for breakfast along with the Egg McMuffin and Hash Browns wasn't such a brilliant idea


On the Torchwood front, a comment on the comments:

The world seems to have chilled out considerably including yours truly. KKBB practically unleashed a Global Nuclear Ship War, which I was pretty close to enlisting in. Stroppy Bint doesn't begin to cover how vicious I was feeling and almost all the comments that were posted in the 24 hours after the ep showed in the UK reflected a sort of NYAH NYAH NYAH mentality from the two major ships involved.

My theory is that everyone had been waiting SO FUCKING LONG for the new epsidoes, especially those UKers who'd been on board with the 1st series from the first broadcast, and there had been so much speculation and spoilerage and Internet DRAH-MA that it was to quote Mr. Jim Steinman in the raspy voice of Bonnie Tyler "Like living in a powder keg and giving off sparks."

So when the actual episode DID manage to give succor to any number of ships as well as their opposite numbers, all fucking hell broke loose. (If RTD and CC do read the boards, they must have been laughing their asses off.)

Most of the comments I read today were much calmer and there was certainly less "victory dancing" on both sides and remarkably less Gwen!Hate.

This will probably all chance next week, but it's nice not be in that head space right now. I can save my anger for when House starts up again.

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