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Meme a day 2008-Day 25-The LJ Names Meme

Ganked from secondsilk.

I haven't been tagging people, but I'd love for my F-listers to do this one, because I'd really like to know.

My Journal is called The Chelsea Drugstore, from the line in "You Can't Always Get What You Want." This reflects the House MD obsession that brought me to LJ and back to fandom as an active pursuit in my life. I really like the conceit of my journal as a physical place where people can hang out,a s well as the fact that the Chelsea Drugstore as used in the song can either be a real drugstore or a neighborhood known for drug sales. I like to think of my prose as slightly addictive.

My Subtitle is Paranoid Bitching of a Paranoid Bitch, another House MD reference. I think it nicely expresses a lot of my ranting, especially when it comes to the machinations of TPTB in my major fandoms.

My Friends Page is titled Me and My Obsessions, alluding to the song title Me and My Shadow and the obsessive nature of my relationship with LJ.

My Username is karaokegal because I reallyreallyreally like to sing karaoke. If I don't do it at least once a week withdrawl symptoms will ensue.

My Name is currently Captain of the Innuendo Squad because of Captain Jack Harkness in all his smarmy glory as called out by Mickey Smith in Boom Town. I think it suits me.

My Default Userpic is now Gecko, and is my chest, adorned with the sparkly pin that my hubby got me for our most recent wedding anniversary and which I immediately named "Jack."
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