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Put Out The Fire-Chapter 6-House MD/CSI-NY Crossover

Title: Put Out The Fire
Author: Karaokegal
Chapter: 6/6 (finally)
Fandoms: House MD/CSI-NY
Pairing: Chase/Lindsay
Rating: PG13(barely)
Summary: The party's over. Things get weird.
Warnings: Mild kink. Unbeta-ed.

Original plot bunny suggested by Kohl-Rimmed-Eye
Thanks to Timbershiver for putting AC/DC in my head.

Harvey was ready to talk.

He’d been awake, and alert, listening to the sounds around him for hours. He knew he was in a hospital, but he didn’t know where. He knew time had gone by, but not how much. He didn’t know how many days he had been shuttling between awake and asleep and that scary place in between.

Annette. They said Annette was dead. Murdered. They wanted to ask questions. He hadn’t been able to talk then. He’d gone somewhere inside himself so he wouldn’t have to talk to the nasty policeman who looked at him with so much disgust. Just like his parents.

He remembered voices from one of the awake times. The same voices from when he was sick before. He’d heard the black doctor and Dr. House. He knew he was supposed to ask for Dr. House if something went wrong. He thought he’d been able to get it out before he went inside. Since he’d heard Dr. House, he must have done it. Annette would be proud of him.

He’d heard other voices. The doctor with the accent. And a woman. Not just the sad doctor. Another woman. She had come to the office with the mean cop, so she must be a policewoman. Dr. House had been making fun of her and making a bet. Harvey smiled inside, but none of his muscles moved.

He was ready to talk, but his body wouldn’t cooperate. He strained to open his eyes. He tried to get his mouth to move or make a sound. He tried all night and nothing happened except making himself so tired, he went to sleep again and then ended up in the scary place and wasn’t sure he’d ever get out.

Harvey woke up again. He felt better. He was ready to talk. He tried to open his mouth. Still nothing. But he felt stronger. He had to keep trying. He heard voices. The Australian accent and the policewoman. I need to talk to you. He still couldn’t get it out. All he could do was listen.

“How are you feeling today?”

“As they would say on the ranch, like I was rode hard and put away wet.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

“Normally bad. But if you’ve got the right rider…”

Harvey was confused. This didn’t sound like the conversation for a doctor and policewoman to be having in a hospital. Especially not when the woman started giggling. Then there was whispering and more giggling.

“And how’s our friend Harvey today?”

“Nothing. Still nothing. I’ve been here since noon. Thanks so much for letting me oversleep.”

“You needed it.”

“I told you to wake me up.”

“Doesn’t look like you missed anything. Let’s see how the patient’s doing. Hmmmm.”

He could hear the doctor approaching. He knew that the little light was being flashed in his eyes. He didn’t see or feel it. He just knew it.

“What’s “hmmmm”?”

“I’m not sure. His stats are up. I should go tell House.”

“Did he bitch you out for being late?”

“I wasn’t that late. And I got lucky. He was more interested in fighting with his ex-girlfriend.”

“What’s she doing here anyway?”

“It’s a long story.”

Why wasn’t Dr. Chase going to tell Dr. House about his stats? Why was the policewoman giggling again.

“You really should have woken me up.”

“I told you…”

“But I told you, Doctor…”

“And what are you going to do about it, Detective?”

“I think you need to bend over and grab your ankles so I can show you.”

“Oh my god. Say that again. Just like that.”


“You’ve been very naughty. I want you to bend over and grab your ankles, so I can punish you.”

Harvey almost felt the spank before he heard the sound. His eyes snapped open. He blinked a few times as his eyes adjusted to the light. The young doctor was bent over, hair falling in his face, grabbing his ankles as he’d been told. Just like me after all. The police woman using just her hand on his clothed backside. He could almost hear Annette calling her an amateur. He smiled and watched, enjoying the show. The policewoman’s face was flushed with exertion and excitement. He couldn’t see the doctor’s face, but he could hear the groaning.

The policewoman looked up and caught him staring. She stared back, disbelieving, then frightened. “Oh my god, Chase!”

“What? Don’t stop now.”

“Chase. Get up. It’s Harvey.”


“He’s awake, he’s looking at us.”

“Bloody hell. You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Dr. Chase got himself upright and came to his bed to shine lights in Harvey’s eyes. He tried to brush the doctor away. His arms worked. His hands worked. His eyes worked. Could he talk?

“Detective. I’m ready to talk.” Harvey heard himself speak. “I can talk. I want to talk to you. I know what you want to know. I can talk.” He was so happy. He would keep talking just to hear himself. To make sure he didn’t go to the scary place again

“OK, Harvey. I’m here. What do you know about who would want to kill Annette?

She was all business now, with her notebook and pen. He told her about his parents and the phone calls and the threats and the man he’d seen outside the apartment.

“But why was your medical file in the apartment.”

“Annette kept it to remind me. I wanted her to choke me again. She would make me look at what happened. The pictures. I still wanted her to do it. She wouldn’t.”

“OK, Harvey. You rest.” Harvey wanted to tell her that he’d rested enough, but now he had to talk. She went into the hallway to make a call. Dr. Chase came back into the room. Maybe he could talk to him, now that Harvey knew how much they had in common.

“How are you feeling, Harvey?”

“OK. Better. What did Dr. House do this time?”

“Pumped you full of nutrients mostly. I don’t understand it, but it must have worked. We’ll probably need to keep you a while for observation and neurology will want to look you over…Dr. Chase paused, clearly embarrassed. “Harvey, about what you saw…”

Harvey used every bit of his newly found muscle control to wink at him.

Lindsay was tired, but exhilarated when she returned to the lab.

“Good work, Detective,” Mac told her, with a tight smile, which was equivalent to a parade with a brass band down Fifth Avenue, as far as she was concerned.

Danny insisted on a high-five and a hug.

“Good going, Montana. We sent the Philly detectives in on the parents and they folded like a paper dragon. They claim they just told the guy to rough up Annette enough to scare her and make her throw Harvey out, so he’d go running home and be a good boy, and then things got out of hand. Jeez. They had to know that if something happened to Annette, Harvey would lose it. I can’t understand going after someone you’re supposed to love just because they happen to be a bit…you know, different.”

Lindsay shook her head wondering when Danny had become the spokesperson for peace, love and understanding.

Flack came over with a notepad in his hand.

“Hey you guys. We’ve got a d.b. in an elevator at the Mandarin Oriental. Let’s go.”

So much for the parade. Another night; another body.

She was satisfied with her work on the Annette Raines case, even though she was out fifty bucks to Dr. House. He’d come limping down the hall followed by the rest of his lost souls and that smarmy Dr. Wilson, waving his watch in the air to let her know that Harvey had woken up less that twenty four hours after they’d made the bet. She wondered if there was any way to expense the money, since she hadn’t wound up needing a hotel room.

She felt a blush come to her cheek and hoped Danny didn’t notice the smile. She reached into her pocket and touched the silk with a silent sigh. She still had Dr. Chase’s tie to remind her that it hadn’t been a dream.

Chase sensed trouble in the air. He knew House had lost interest in Harvey once his bet was won. There was no new patient and House was bored. A bored House was a dangerous House, especially for a doctor who’d gotten away with coming in nearly twenty minutes late only because Stacy Warner had barged into the office before House could commence a full-scale interrogation. Now House had the ball out and was tossing it up in the air, but his heart clearly wasn’t in it.

The clock said 4:45PM. House couldn’t risk venturing out of the office, for fear of Cuddy and her clinic of horrors. The three hostages were stuck with him. The ball kept going higher. On the next toss, House managed to turn on his iPod before catching it. The bastard's toying with me, he thought, trying to focus on the New York Times crossword, even though the words kept blurring into sweaty visions of himself and Lindsay. He didn’t think Harvey had said anything, but House had that damn intuition.

Roger Daltrey's voice came blasting out of the speakers.

Out here in the fields. I fought for my meals. I put my back into my living.

I am so sick of this bloody song. How about some AC/DC for a change? If anyone’s on the highway to hell, it’s House.

The ball went up and hit the ceiling, which caused a change in the trajectory. House wasn’t able to get himself out the chair fast enough to intercept it. The ball bounced in and out of the sink and went rolling under a cabinet. House looked around the room at his prisoners as if to say “Well isn’t one of you going to fetch the ball for me?” Foreman rolled his eyes in disgust. Cameron clearly had to restrain herself from getting up to do it. She was still ga-ga over House, but attempting to act like someone with a spine. That left Chase, he grudgingly got up as if being more subservient would forestall the inevitable.

“You did the police chick, didn’t you?”


“Banged her like an oven door. Had carnal knowledge. Schtupped. Danced the horizontal mambo. Made the sign of the beast with two backs.”

“Would it be any of your business if I did?” Chase tried to put on a show of outrage.

“As a matter of fact, it would. Why do think I gave you so much alone time with the patient and the babe?”

“Because you respect my medical skills.”

“Yeah, right. Even Foreman’s trying not to choke on that one.”

A quick glance at Foreman proved this to be true.

“What then?”

“I figured the best way to get Harvey to wake up was to put the sounds of sex somewhere in his vicinity, preferable something nasty.”

Cameron was getting that “Oh my god, I’m going to puke” look last seen after Chase had admitted to kissing Andie.

“And what makes you think…”

“It’s all chemistry, Casanova. I figured if I left you alone with Pepper long enough, something would happen and you’d win my bet for me.”

“What about all those vitamins and electrolytes?” Foreman wanted to know.

“That was plan B. I wanted to beef him up a bit, but I was counting on Don Juan here to do the real work for me. So what kind of peep show did the lucky patient wake up to? Were you wearing the nurse’s uniform again? Something with rubber gloves?” House raised his eyebrows and practically rubbed his hands together in lewd delight.

Tell me again why I put up with this crap? You were right, Lindsay. I must be a masochist. But I was right too. He is brilliant. And right now I think he’s bluffing. Brilliantly.

“Come on, Chase.” He pleaded mockingly. Inquiring minds want to know.” He changed to a stern father voice. “Don’t make me spank it out of you.”

Chase checked his watch. 5:00PM. He walked to the door and turned around beaming his most innocent smile at House, Cameron and Foreman who all leaned forward as if he were actually going to reveal something.

“Promises, promises.” He said, and walked away.

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  • Shetland!

    Jimmy/Duncan I need to start reading fic immediately. I need to *not* start considering Yuletide possibilities. Done is done. (We started Hinterlands…

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    Probably my last one, unless my work schedule and priorities change drastically. Thanks to all my writers, recipients, betas and hand-holders.…

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