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Happy House Day!

Yes, folks it's been TWO FREAKIN' MONTHS since the last new episode. Enough time for my Thirteen hatred to achieve maximum velocity and then kind of peter out because I got caught up in the built-up to the 2nd series of Torchwood. And let me tell you people, TPTB at House have got nothing on RTD and company when it comes to fanning the flames of shipper wars.

I know the decision was based on American Idol and the Strike and a bunch of other BS, but I still don't see how they can hope to hold the numbers after two months, especially given the drivel of the whole "picking the new team" arc. On the other hand, they do have the Idol lead-in and a lot of rabid Houseketeers out there, so we shall see what the great god Nielson has to say.

We're stuck with Thirteen, Kutner and Taub, but FCC are still around and Amber will be showing up at some point. Considering they're still paying Lisa E. and RSL and that adds up to one helluva clusterfuck to get everyone some screen time and you know, maybe have a medical case along the way.

I want to still love my show. I want House to be awesome and bitter and bitchy and snarky. I want enough House/Wilson to fuel the subtext without getting too explicit. I want Thirteen to die a horrible, unmourned death. I want the PoTW to drive the story, rather than being imposed on whatever soap-opera Dave&Katie are trying to sell this week. And I'm really not thrilled about the "Frozen" story, because I hate "based on a true story" stuff. Not even crazy about it with the CSI and L&O franchises, although it's sometimes interesting to see where they tweak it away from the known facts.

I'll be here tomorrow with House-babble to tell you how it turned out.
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