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I love getting comments from random bot programs:

I just got a notification of a new comment to This drabble , a post ep for "House Training" which since it deals with Bonnie's real estate ventures mentions "a seller" and obviously, the word "House."

As a result, I got this:

Subject: Short Term Loan Information Blog

Hello! I know I was blogging about a lot of cash advance and payday
loans, but I will never be able to stop blogging about it. Whenever I see
that some Web site offers other services, I would compare them with the
other and, finally, a blog about their benefits. This is the actual way
to evaluate any service, too. http://stl-short-term-loan.blogspot.com

The last time something like this happened it was a journal entry about my running and I ended up with something from the SF Marathon, which was at least relevant. This is just...ridiculous.

Is stuff like this happening to anyone else?
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