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Stop me if you've heard this one before.

I'll do two entries today. The "I love San Francisco" entry and the "I hate my job" entry.
We'll start with:

I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job.

Even when the shit isn’t my fault, I spend hours worrying, obsessing, trying to fix things, trying to make everybody happy.

Today’s fiasco:

I have this client who’s been flying back and forth from Burbank to Phoenix pretty much every week to work on a case. This time he decided to take wife, twins, infant and nanny.
Southwest Airlines. I did his ticket. His admin called Southwest for the others, because he’s too cheap to pay our service fee on his personal tickets, plus he was using Rapid Rewards tickets for the twins.

His admin calls this morning. He’s upset. He’s furious. He’s livid. The flight was delayed out of Burbank on Sunday and the family was split up. Wife and twins on one plane, client, nanny and infant on other plane. He wants full refunds of all the revenue tickets and his Rapid Rewards credit back so he can get more tickets for that too.

And this is one of those guys who if he doesn’t get the answer he wants immediately, he stays on his secretary to stay on me.

I called Southwest. Turns out that it was really hot in Southern California over the weekend which meant that the planes were burning through the fuel more quickly and had to make refueling stops. There was also bad weather on the East Coast causing planes to be grounded in Philly and other places so the planes couldn’t even get to Southern California to fly their routes. You see the problem.

Bottom line, Southwest is NOT going to refund the tickets because the guy did in fact GET TO PHOENIX! They are not giving back his Rapid Rewards credits. The most they’re going to do is offer him some gift certificates or vouchers and for that they want to talk to him personally, because they have some questions about what he says happened.

If it were a “real” airline like United or American (which also suck) there would at least be somebody who’s job it was to pretend to try and help me. I’ve got one person at the home office in New York who might know someone who could do something, but it’s very unlikely. The client is not going to get what he wants. He’s going to be unhappy. His going to make his admin miserable and she’s going to keep leaning on me.

And it’s not my fuckin’ fault.

I hatehatehatehatehatehatehate my job.

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