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Good times, bad times, you know I've had my share!

Lousy weather in San Francisco, Snow in Chicago and something nasty on the East Coast. Lots of flight delays. Travelers sitting on planes, calling me and telling me to do something. Like what, for instance? I can't make the damn planes take off you know?


OMG! I just pimped ppth_support to FIFTEEN COMMUNITIES! I hope there isn't some really devoted fan who got every single one of them on their F-list today. If it did happen, I'm so, so sorry and I promise, it was a one-time thing. Come join us anyway.

Looks like it did some good as we're up to 31 members, not including the co-mods.


We had an incident at the Desk of Doom today, although this time it wasn't my ass getting chewed out for a change. Tobie got stuck in one of our periodic "Business Class Approval" nightmares on one of our biggest, most self-important, clients.

Apparently she hadn't provided enough alternatives (because the traveler was absolutely adamant about which flights he wanted) and when she reported that he wasn't getting approved he went back and bitched out the person with the approval power and all hell broke lose. The Travel Manager came in here and was an absoulute witch to Tobie while I busied myself trying not be caught NOT working.

Then while Tobie was a lunch, Sybil came in here sporting one of her other personalities and was all nicey-nice to me as she asked me to provide the alternate flights, which I did. Cause, you know, I 'm a suck up and I don't want to lose access to my nice big computer and reasonably substantial paycheck.

Although I did something to day that might cause it to happen sooner rather than later. I've been getting some emails from a guy in London asking about travel arrangements and I just could not resist asking if he'd seen Torchwood yesterday. It's an IT Guy, so I figured, computers, SF, Torchwood. Haven't heard back, but I emailed midday so it was already late on the UK side.


Did I mention?



If you saw the video diary, John did in connection with The Sun, a few weeks before Another Sidem came out and you saw him autographing pictures and saying "If that's the least someone asks me to do then I'm happy to do it." It's one of those. You should have seen me the week before X-mas holding up the post-office line trying to get the postage right for a SASE to come from the UK so I could send it John along with a holiday card. Not a pretty picture, but well-worth it.


Thanks to the nameless ones who metaphorically held my technodorktastic hand last night.

Awesome things happening in the Bay Area

Noir Festival

San Francisco Blue Grass and Old Time Festival
We've already got tickets to a bunch of the shows, including Grisman.

Merle Haggard is going to be at the Grand Ballroom Regency Center on Feb. 11th. I don't have tickets right now, but it's just so cool it requires a mention.

And the Kaiser Peramanent 1/2 Marathon is on Sunday. Oh dear god, please don't let it rain.

And we going to see the Chieftans on the 22nd February at the Marin Civic Center. We hadn't been planning to since we've seen them several times and while it's a great show, it's basically THE SAME SHOW, and the schtick is getting a little old. But since Grandpa is now into Irish music and he's never seen them, we figure he should have the chance, so we're on.
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