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Meme a day 2008-Day 33-Regionalisms

Ganked from talcat

1. Where do you live?
San Francisco, CA, USA

2. Did you grow up there? If not, then where did you spend your childhood?
A few years in Manhattan, but primarily suburban New Jersey, Northern part of the state.

What you call things:
1. Soda or Pop or Other?

2. Crayons or Crayolas or Other?

3. Winter coat or parka or other?
Winter coat.

4. Sidewalk or pavement or other?

5. Sucker or lollipop or other?

6. Lunch or dinner or other?

7. Dinner or supper or other?

8. Traffic lights or stop lights or other?
Traffic lights.

9. Snowmobile or sled or other?
Are we talking about moving snow or having fun?
Sled for the latter.

1. What does 'down south' mean to you, if anything?
Los Angeles, second choice would be the Southern United States-i.e. South of the Mason-Dixon line.

2. I-O-WA or I-O-WAY?
I-O-WA (Unless I'm singing the song from A Foreign Affair.)

3. What does "up north" mean to you, if anything?
Near the Oregon border.

4. Do you know what a muffler is (and I'm not talking about the car part)?
Big scarf.

5. Have you ever eaten grits?

6. Ever go trick-or-treating in snow before?
No. In the cold, in the rain, but not in the snow.
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