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TIME TO VOTE: Housefic Meta Hall of Fame

Attn: All Customers of the Chelsea Drugstore, teeming millions, stray passers-by and K-mart shoppers.

It's Super Tuesday here in the US, so I hope those who are eligible are voting for that as well, but all over the world and across the universe, you can vote for my ultimate House MD, angst-a-pa-looza When it Really Mattered, RIGHT HERE .

Here's a link to the story: http://karaokegal.livejournal.com/130385.html

Let's go out and prove that a story that refuses to shine any hope or light on the House/Wilson pairing and contains hard-core pron from three different perspectives (House/Wilson/Stacy) can get elected.

If you require a bribe, please let me know. (Drabbles, pimping and karaoke dedications are all on the table.)

Vote early and often. Get friends to do likewise.
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