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Double House-babble: Frozen/Don't Ever Change----LONG POST

Somewhere, my father is very happy. Give the general suckitude of the Niners this year, I haven't been paying a lot of attention to football, and I wasn't caught up in the whole Patriots thing, so it was just a joy to see a well-played game, not a blow-out and Manning looked extremely Montana-esque out there.


I happen to love Icebound, the book by Jerri Nielsen that the episode was somewhat based on. Interestingly the patient in that case was a real doctor, but of course then House couldn't go on one of his snark crusades about psychiatrists.

For some reason this episode gave me a serious whiff of ODOR and House's relationship with Mira Sorvino started reminding me of SRV, although it also harked to House and the patient all the way back in the Pilot. For some reason I couldn't get titillated by the whole Web-cam sex deal even if we got Hugh in shorts, although no shot of the scar that I could see. I guess they didn't want to go to the trouble of doing the make-up. If I'm wrong and there was a glimpse let me know. What I remember from Skin Deep (see userpic) is that the scar is on the outside of the right thigh and I don't think we really saw that.

ETA---babykid528 advises that the scar was in evidence.
I'll have to watch a few hundred more times. That bit anyway. I love scar-porn.

And there was the incredibly stupid, unbelievably annoying Cable TV plot. Yes it was nice to know that Coma Guy is still around, but this was really a Cuddy plot and in fact a rehash of the carpet thing from Lines In The Sand. So why do it again and why have it be Cameron? To give Jen something to do? To show strong, secure Cameron? To remind me how annoying the Newbies are? W.T.F? Especially since there was NO CHASE at all.

House notices Wilson's lavender shirt and concludes theres's a woman. We're back to Fidelity and the shoes, although no longer as witty. And the sweater vest? NONONONONONOONONONOONO!!!!!

However, Wilson running away? Awesome. And a tranny hooker reference to boot.

"You've seen me falling down the stairs drunk." Yeah, in a million fan-fics that all led to hot drunken sex followed by angsty remorse. Yet again the whole episode felt more like it had already been written (better) by us than being fanficsperational. The self-referential "I'll be ok on Tuesdays" a little out of hand. I like in-jokes, loved the Blackadder on House's Tivo, but
that's just a little to self-referential.

And by the time Mira was telling Wilson that he wasn't as nice as he was supposed to be, it was pretty clear that she'd been spending some of her time up there at the pole reading fanfic.

I think we can assume the relationship has been going on since the firing and would account for Wilson's increased ballsiness in It's a Wonderful Lie. Proving, thank you very much, my assertion that WILSON NEEDS A WOMAN IN HIS LIFE TO HAVE EQUALITY WITH HOUSE! Period. End of Story. They may be fucking like bunnies and having banter and blow jobs all day, but when Wilson
doesn't have a wife to go home to or something that threatens House, he is effectively neutered.
Give him a little fuzz and he's walking places "because I know it hurts you." That's my boy!

I love the continuity of the Jagger references, going back of course to "the Philosopher Jagger" as well as the "groupies sleep with the roadies to get to Mick" in Sports Medicine.

Team MacGyver? Tee hee, although who needs them? In this ep, it was all House/Wilson House/Webcam and a bit of Foreman. Foreman even got to hold House's (ahem) ball.

Thirteen hatred is rapidly being over-taken by Kutner annoyance. STFU KUTNER!!! About a million times. I get that they're making him the new Chase, but he ain't pretty and he ain't funny and the whole geek-quirky thing isn't working for me AT ALL. I liked Chase's subtle "I'm in love with House" vibe which fueled a million sub!Chase fics. I can't imagine that with Kutner at all.
It all comes across like over-blown schtick. Does that actor have an iota of sex-appeal, cause I ain't seeing it.

Is there anything lamer than Cuddy trying to con House? Come on, people? House didn't buy. The viewers didn't buy it. The Newbies didn't buy it. What was the fucking point? The entire plot was useless and unresolved. Are the kids going to pay for the cable? Does House really give a damn about it? General Hospital would be on regular television. The only other thing that I can remember him watching was Monster Trucks, so maybe he needs ESPN for that?

And if they were going to use this episode to attempt to bolster the House/Cam crowd, along with the psuedo-Mira romance and House practically screaming You're straight at Wilson in case we somehow missed that point, they should have given them some kind of scene at the end. This isn't the first time I've felt like the cluster-fuck situation (too many cast members) meant that the beats of a particular plot were not being played out. For instance, there should have been a final H/W hostage exchange scene in Alone. Here they're should have been some kind of resolution between House/Cam that she did win or she didn't. I know Cam-haters don't want her to get one more minute of air-time than possible but as a fic-writer that was just a gaping hole.

And then the AMBER REVEAL. Kind of a yawn because of the spoilers, but still a good moment for Wilson, see above point about balls, leading to....

Don't Ever Change

And the theme is in the title. Again, something that has been a recurring theme of the series, as to whether people can change or not. Question: Why is it so important to House to believe that they can't? Was it something he believed pre-infarction? Or is it just important to believe that Wilson can't change so he doesn't lose him?

Oh here we go with the artistic cinematography again.

I'm not orthodox, but I have relatives who are Lubovitcher so on their behalf, I was ready to be
slightly defensive about the portrayal, and wonder if this was going to be Needle in a Haystack with Jews instead of Gypsies and some really egregious stuff on House's part.

I've always argued that House isn't racist or anti-semitic, just misanthropic, but there have been a few times where I've thought the epithets were getting a bit out of hand and wondered how far the writers would go in terms of the edginess. For instance it's not that far from "hymie" to "kike" and I think at that point, I might have to call foul.

While I still think Taub is a useless character, I'm willing to give the writers credit for having him there to be somewhat convinced that Roz's conversion was sincere and there was something in the religion for her.

Taub was also good in the Home Invasion scene with Foreman. In fact, those two are starting to work for me a little as comedy relief, but the big revelation was Foreman/13. The whole 13 is bi really came out of nowhere, but Omar played that scene really well, looked sharp in his suit and OMG he and Olivia actually seem to have a bit of chemistry togther. Whodathunkit? If they are going in a Foreman/13 direction, I might, just might, let down the hatred a smidge as it would keep 13 away from House. (Unless godforbid they use that as the way to get House more interested in 13.)

So, as suspected House is obsessed with Wilson dating Amber.

This is all hunky dory for me as a H/W shipper, as he continues to act like the jealous House of Sports Medicine, Fools For Love and a zillion fanfics. I thought some of the subtext got dragged a little too far to the surface and the next time I beta a Housefic where Wilson talks about House's neediness, I'll have to ask the writer if they're saying anything original or just re-capping this episode.

The whole "you're sleeping with me thing" was ALMOST too blatant but saved by RSL's acting. As if he'd honestly never considered such a thing, and his comic timing throughout was absolutely brilliant.

The emotional crux was the House/Amber confrontation, which was amazing. Anne Dudek totally held her own with Hugh Laurie and Hugh played the scene and the whole episode totally (ahem) straight. He didn't make it the least bit camp or even House's usually level of bitter sarcasm.
No smirk. No twinkle. No nothing. He was absolutely serious, much more so than when he played variations on these scenes in Fools For Love, although the Newbie reaction and take were similar to the way FCC was directed in that episode.

So many lines skirted the issue so damn closely and a lot of it still played as fanfic, but it never hit the cringe button, so hallelujah. On the other hand it would really, really hard for ANYONE not to see the slash-potential at this point, but the question is whether TPTB will assume they've "dealt" with the issue and it's now off the table, the way the possibility of ever honestly dealing with House's addiction is off the table because it was "dealt with" in the
Tritter arc.

Hugh in the open necked shirt? I still love this man and this character to death. I know I've been mentally cheating on him with that dashing fellow in the coat, but I'm still Hopelessly Devoted to Greg House. There is Housefic underway. I promise. And it does include H/W angst. I'm just trying to decide if it includes Amber.

I cannot tell you how much Kutner annoyed me AGAIN. STFU KUTNER. The only thing worse than sci-fic geek Kutner is Beavis and Butthead Kutner. "She said sex." heh heh, heh heh" STFU KUTNER. AND GROW UP. And listen to me. YOU. ARE. NOT. CHASE.

And where is Chase anyway? Oh there he is, looking adorable and hot in scrubs, coming up with a solution. Getting to hear that House needs him. And walking away. And coming back with a biblical solution.

I love you Chase! ETA (Wouldn't a little religious discourse between Seminary Student Chase and Chadissic husband have been fun?)

Was the restaurant scene supposed to be lunch or dinner? Was Wilson drinking at lunch?

Heheh-Testicles. (OK, now I'm Beavis.)

Manischevitz flavored Kool ade. Totally something I would say. That's why I fell in love with this guy.

Cuddy looked gorgeous and was fabulously snarky in her first scene, but then did a complete turn-around, peddled House's romantic theories about Wilson and disappeared. WTF? But RSL's delivery of the "brilliant disguise" line, was worth it.

I also liked the last Hugh/Amber scene, but found it annoying that she didn't get it right. Implying that because she's changed enough to love Wilson for himself, that she's lost the edge to be a brilliant doctor? Seriously? Or did she whiff it so that she wouldn't be in the position of having to choose the fellowship or Wilson?

We end with THE PERFECT Rolling Stones song, which I picked up on from like the first note, cause I love that song. I haven't checked comms yet, but I suspect there's already 20 stories called "Waiting On A Friend."

After 3 1/2 seasons, do we know more or less about House and Wilson and how much they mean to each other than we did the minute Wilson told Rebecca Adler "He cares about me?"

And now we wait and write and wait some more.

ETA: Epiphany after reading deelaundry"s Meta.

We're right back to Season 1. Amber is Julie. House and Wilson are fucking, but Wilson is always going back to Amber. Blow-jobs/Banter/Angst.
Until Amber gets fed-up and becomes Season 2 Julie.

Thanks to everyone who's attended an on-line House-party this season or read a House-babble.

I love you guys! (Don't ever change.)
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  • Recent reading

    The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman Even better than the first! So good I was torn between wanting to read it to spend time with the characters…

  • It's been freezing in the Bay Area lately

    At least by wimpy Bay Area standards and especially at SFO. So grateful my apartment, heat in my apartment, hot water in my apartment, comfy sweats…

  • God protects drunks and fools…

    As my father used to say. I’m well aware that ditziness is a major character defect of mine. Aside from over-all recovery from my main addiction of…