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Torchwood babble-Meat

Starting today’s Torch-babble with a hearty Booooo-hissssss to both Free The Net and whoever I was leeching my Linksys connection off of. They’ve both gone missing, so in order to see the episode I had to get up early this AM and go down to Café Petra. Then I couldn’t wait to watch so I was about 15 minutes late to work. Between Torchwood and Desk of Doom, I think you know who’s going to win.

First and foremost-once again giving credit where it’s due, Ianto made me laugh for the first time since the banana line. His delivery of “That’s another way to do it,” was perfect. In fact the whole Ianto/Owen as Starsky and Hutch was quite amusing, although bad-ass Ianto didn’t really work for me. His attempt at the tough-guy pithy line while tasering the guy in the head? Not so much. But in general, I had no reason to wish his disappearance or demise. This is progress, right? (And yeah, I know what’s coming.)

This weeks theme: Cue the sledgehammers and get me some aspirin. MEAT IS MURDER. It was hard for me to get all that sympathetic about the alien given it’s resemblance to Jabba the Hut, but I did end up there, mostly due to JB’s acting and the sound effects.

And now, let us all bow down and worship the hotness that is John Barrowman/Captain Jack Harkness in OMG the dark vest. Please, please, please costume department-More dark vests. Pretty please.

Even better-Jack Harkness talking dirty. “He seemed to enjoy it?” WHOAH!!! Do we think that line is going to make the “kiddie friendly” version? And then flirting with the secretary in Rhys’ office? THAT’S MY BOY!!! I’ll bet you have no problem going long distance, Jack. That’s the Jack that Steve Moffat first gave us. Whooooo-hoooooo. Happy happy happy dancing.

I definitely want a nice, shiny leather jacket, because man Eve looked spectacular. So hot that Jack couldn’t keep his hands off her. Twice. I realize they were both in context and not particularly sexual, but still. Jack/Gwen/Leather OTP3? I will say that the lipstick and earrings in the first grab scene were really noticeable. Have we seen Gwen in earrings before with the makeup being that obvious? Someone wanted her to look very glam there. She also looked great in the red blouse.

I’m not going to throw down with the J/I crowd right now, because I know what’s coming and I know where RTD seems to want to go, but I think even the hardest core smushname fan would have to admit that they are certainly keeping some ambiguity there.

Lots of AWWWWW for Rhys. He is sweet, and Kai Owen takes what could be an absolutely thankless role and makes him wonderfully sympathetic. The fight scene with him and Gwen really sizzled. You could believe they were a couple fighting not to fall apart.

The Rhys in the Hub scene was absolutely precious, especially the Rhys/Jack confrontation.

“Mr. Caveman” (Jack is channeling the Doctor?)

“This is quite homoerotic.” (If you say so, Jack.)

“Scoobie Doo?” (How can you not love Gwen just for that?)

Jack gets all tough and Dom (woof!) and he’s still wearing the dark vest and I have to get to work, but it looks like I’m going to late and possibly need a cold shower. Although there were just a few minutes where I thought JB was edging over in to camp. Not that that’s a bad thing either.

MEMO TO TOSHIKO SATO: Please stop pining over Owen. I love you, honey and much as I love him, at the moment, he is so NOT worth it. It’s getting painful to watch. Did you notice that he was all over you last week because of Tommy? Get a hint and grow a spine. Thanks.

Jack/Rhys van scene. I suspect (haven’t read the reviews yet) that this may be the one that really stuck in certain craws, especially “We needed her.” Rhys gave Jack every opportunity to make NOT about Gwen and Jack wouldn’t take them.

Did any of my fellow Housefraus find it interesting/amusing that they were doping up the alien with Ketamine?

“What have they done to you, my poor friend?” I can’t explain why that worked when normally I would have been –PU-LEASE- Somehow JB pulls off the un-pull-offable. What he could not convince me of was the whole “OMG we’re going to get crushed by the alien so Owen has to mercy kill it to save us.” That looked like bad monster movie acting and directing. John must have thought he was back in Shark Attack 3. (I’m surprised he didn’t offer to go home and eat Tosh’s pussy. And wouldn’t that have been a scene we’d all pay money to see?)

“I’m so sorry.” (Owen is channeling the Doctor.)

Meanwhile, back at the Hub.

“Next time, let her take the bullet.” (Ianto, you bitchy queen! Because otherwise that made even less sense.)

Final Gwen/Jack.

"I wouldn't know any different"
"I would."

"Give Rhys my love and I'll see you tomorrow."

All I can say is that if they really want to sell that Jack doesn’t feel something for Gwen, they should stop letting John act so well. (And maybe tell Jack to stop sitting around watching Gwen/Rhys with that broody look on his face.)

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