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Sunshine Day

Anybody feel like singing some Brady Bunch with me? It was really gorgeous today. Slept in, went to brunch, did errands, cleaned up a bit, did some reading and more work on NOVEL 2008.

The hardest thing about the NOVEL is constantly needing to remember that I have room to move. In fanfic, I've learned to keep descriptions compact and hold down on digressions. In a novel I can spread out a bit. Tell the reader how things look and sound. Let my protagonist vent. Of course, this can also lead to self-indulgent bull-shit, but that's what I've got beta_goddess for. And what I wish I'd had her for when I was writing my previous novels, especially the unsold "masterpiece" that is "Hooray For Hollywood." Man that was some swill.

Anyway, really lovely day.


Except, of course, for that not so fun dizzy spell I had at about 3:00PM. Luckily I stil have my meclizine prescription left over from the famous April dizzy spell/nausea visit to the ER. Took one. Felt better in about two hours. Got on with my life.


About that DRAH-MA at the Desk of Doom.

OK, this is not my fault. Whatever Tobie's issues are/were with me, that's NOT why she quit. It's all about the Evil Travel Manager and the Law Firm's travel policy, which says that firm business (as opposed to client business) is supposed to be coach class only.

There's a whole procdure for requesting approval in Business, but we have to throw every possible option at the client before hand. Tobie got stuck in the middle of one these things and
the approval was declined. The traveler freaked out it led to a chain reaction the end of which was Evil Travel Manager coming in and yelling at Tobie.

Now when Evil Travel Manager yells at me, I basically lie on my back, put up my paws and show my belly. Tobie tried to stand her ground and defend herself. BIG MISTAKE. She and Evil Travel Manager have been on a collision for months, if not longer. Tobie has never been happy with the lack of warm fuzziness between us and the Law Firm. Me, I just want to do my job and be left out of any social stuff.

Bubbles, the Regional Manager had to come over, have a meeting with the Evil Travel Manager and presumable smooth everything over, but then on Thursday, there was another situation and it all started up again.

I walked into work Friday and Tobie told me it was her last day. She's going to work at the regional office and maybe do some floating. They're going to try Steve at my office. I've worked with him a couple of times and met him at "social" functions. He's a very mellow guy and has been able to deal admirably with my mishegas. Let's see if he can handle the daily b.s. that is this account.

I have told Bubbles very clearly that I am NOT giving up another vacation. Hubby and I rescheduled Maui for the first week in March and we are going, come hell or high water.

We also found out that this week the Travel Agency's COO, is no longer working for the company and in fact the position no longer exists.


We decided not to go see any of the Bluegrass Festival shows this weekend. Matt's a little less into it this year, presumably because he's really gung-ho on the photography. (Although he is strumming his mandolin as we're sitting here right now. Peter Rowan is playing at Noe Valley right now. Peter is fabulous when he's telling stories and playing blue-grass, but he also does hippy-dippy singer/songwriter stuff that can really tedious. We've seen him like three years in a row and this year, we're breaking the pattern.

I still need to write up the shows from last week, altough there isn't that much to say.


OK, sorry about the melt-down yesterday. I don't retract a word of my hatred, mind you, but it's a little insane that I've got the same amount of pain generated by a ship I can't stand as some of my more virulent posts about Former Soul Mate. The spoilers for Episode 5, have more sex references by the way, although that doesn't bother me quite as much, although the fangirl squeeeee-ing it generates will.

As has been suggested, I definitely think my anger is being fueled by fandom.

Still time to vote over at housefic_meta. Interesting results, hmmmm? Wonder which two folks voted against me. I have suspicions.
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