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Torchwood-babble for Adam

Mostly a great, big WHEW!!!

Sorry, Catherine, I shouldn't have doubted you.

Really well done from the first shot. I just found the whole thing so compelling that I didn't really worry about the shippiness, although I'm happy to say that it wasn't there. Jack's fucking Ianto. I get it. (Although now we know who's better endowed, as if there every any doubt, no matter what I wrote in my Owen/Ianto story.) But any sign that it's twoo-wuv? NOT THERE! I loved the way that Jack was touchy feely with ALL of them at the end. It makes me think that he really did mean "I came back for all of you." I especially liked his talking to Owen, as it was reminiscent of the forgiveness hug in EOD. I'm telling you people Jack/Owen, it's all there.

Sniveling Ianto is back. SUR-PRISE! Yeah, I know it's cause the of memories, but man, he's got a talent for it, huh? Not to mention whining about Jack not wanting to go "hunting" with him. Glad to hear he's still mopey about Lisa too.

Burn and Naoko both totally kicked ass as geeky-Owen and boobalicious bitchy babe Tosh, although dear god the woman is now officially the biggest loser in Cardiff. At least Tommy wasn't an evil bastard/alien, but she still ended up getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop with him too.

Once again, John Barrowman makes the nearly impossible to play stuff, totally convincing, although as DRAH-MA for Jack, this just doesn't carry the weight that CJH did. Also, I'm confused. I thought the two missing years would have come from not so long before we met Jack in Empty Child. This seemed to imply they were from his child-hood. Or am I missing something.

Hopefully my high-speed will be better behaved at home tonight and I'll be able to see Reset soon, because I do love me some Martha Jones.

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