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Torchwood babble for Reset

Another mostly happy-making episode.

All the goodies behind the cut, including the usual evil stuff.

I'll get to Martha in a minute, but since I was remiss in NOT giving glory, laud and honor to Owen's black shirt in Meat, let me give proper love and lust to Owen's gray, button down, OPEN AT THE NECK shirt. YUM. YUM. YUM.

Let the Owen!lust commence.


She looks awesome. She kicks ass. She rock Owen's world, although that made me feel a little bad for Tosh, and best of all she makes Jack's face LIGHT UP!!! Did you see the way Jack looked ever so happy to see her, Ianto? Yes you did, AFTER she PWNed you with her UNIT ID, which is why you were giving her the stink-eye, standing in back of her practically glowing awesomeness, looking all pale and mopey. BTW-The close-ups aren't doing much for GDL's jawline, especially in an episode where Jack's lovely one is a point of interest. Also nice standing around looking horrified while homage to Alien was occurring.

Yeah, yeah, innovative, avante garde. Whatever. Most important, TEMPORARY. In fact he's already bored with you, which is why he needs new games and couldn't keep the smile off his face or his hands off MARTHA.

"He's a diabetic?" Yes, he is. We probably figured that out when the guy said it the first time.

And now we can go back to the wonderfulness that is John and Freema together. Doctor references. OH YEAH BABY. Come on Jack, Tell me who do you love? IT'S HIM!!!! Not to mention "I had a bad experience with a politician lately."

Martha also gets to be Sydney Bristow in this episode, which is cooler than cool. Does that mean Tosh is Marshall? (I love Marshall.)

Speaking of...looks like Jack might have pulled some time with CIA. Fics, anybody? Bueller?

Christer Isherwood references are a bit obvious, but still love. And a boyfriend reference. Another one for the book, although I still get worried that they're trying to tip Jack's omni-scales in one direction over the other. At least there was the Martha sparkle.

Dark shirt Jack. Torture!Jack. And did I mention SPARKLING ABOUT MARTHA JACK!!!!!

Martha & Owen in the hospital with the scary bugs? WHOAH!!!

And this week's MESSAGE (Ouch! Enough with the sledgehammer, already) is a continuation of HUMANS ARE THE REAL MONSTERS. I get the man's inhumanity to man bit, really I do, but Russell, honey, if the point of Torchwood is to catch the Aliens, you might need to go back to having some bad ones, otherwise there isn't much point to Torchwood's current "mission."

About the ending---I'm not worried. Remember, Martha Jones is Sydney Bristow, which means this is Alias and no one is ever really dead.

I don't have any specific canon I need to undermine this week, but there is a fic in the works that continues to put forth my vision of J/I.

I'll also get to the MEME kisses ASAP. If you've got a request, the MEME is still open.

THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!! Writing, cleaning, writing, cleaning, sex, writing, Karaoke. I am so NOT doing the Chinatown Run.
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