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Torchwood is EVERYWHERE

Instead of getting to stay home and write, hubby wanted to go do stuff. So we did stuff because that's what being a couple means sometimes. But I had subversion fic running through my head and I was desperately afraid of losing the good bits to my pathetic excuse for a memory. I took my notebook with me and everywhere we went including Mel's Diner, The San Francisco Center, a camera store, Starbucks, I was furiously writing. I had the notebook out right until the lights went down and then the very first thing I saw was Jack's face and the words "The twenty-first century is when everything changes." And I'm squeeeeeeeee-ing my head off, because it's an ad for HDTV using the 1st Series promo reel. Poor hubby. Can't get away from it anywhere.

Anyway, the movie was Persepolis a French, animated feature about a girl growing up in Iran just before and after the Iranian Revolution. Interesting animation style. Lots of history. Some very good stuff. The voice of Catherine Denueve as the girl's mother and the girl herself voiced by Chiara Mastroianni who is Catherine Deneuve's daughter with Marcello Mastroianni.
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