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Torchwood-babble for Dead Man Walking

Allow me a moment to genuflect to the Internet Gods who have chosen to smile on me this week and allowed the episode to load in like 45 minutes as well as the unnamed angels who provided the link.

SHOUT OUT TO kohlrimmedeye

I’m very happy that kohlrimmedeye got a nice lingering Ianto/Owen look, even if Ianto didn’t have anything he could say in front of the others. (Hello, Plot Bunny on line one.)

I don’t have a lot of babble about this episode, but those of you who know my biases can imagine how extremely happy I was with a lack of anything the slightest bit shippish on the J/I side, except possibly coat-holding, which I’m OK with. Mostly I was delighted with the very, very intense Jack/Owen subtext, which you don’t have to have a really strong pair of glasses to read as UST.

Jack so loves Owen, but still needs the combination, or at least needs to joke about it? GUH. (Something that apparently Mr. "Nobody Knows More Than me" doesn't know.)

“Be brave.” There are no words for how great that scene was. That’s the kind of intensity I felt between them in Owen’s forgiveness hug in End OF Days. (Which I still maintain as charged, if not more so than the J/I kiss.)

Once again-Poor Tosh, being made to look frumpy and unloved, although she did get a great kiss toward the end, which I was totally not expecting.

Owen in a bar? Always a bad idea. Jack getting him out and doing a Welsh accent? Oh mama!

Oh yeah, baby! That’s what I’m talking about. That’s feeling. That’s ambiguity. That’s layers. THAT’S ANGST AND SEX AND LOVE AND LUST ALL AT THE SAME TIME. That’s a ship you can sail.

Jack/Gwen in the field, working together, while Ianto is back at the hub? Delish.

Note to self and anyone else tempted to give Owen chest-hair in a fic: He ain’t got any. None. Nada. If Day One and Out of Time didn’t make it obvious, this sure as hell did.

Loved Tarot girl. Wonder when the last time she saw the Captain was.

Let me say this loud and clear. The special effects sucked this week. I know that half the fun of the Who-verse is the cheesy special effects, but some of this verged on piss-poor, especially Jack “fighting” the hand. Not even JB was able to make that convincing.

And the only thing worse than the effects was the actual plot. Those aren’t even plot holes anymore. It’s like they’re not even trying to make sense.

Proust reference. I gotta tell ya. The Isherwood was cute last week, but I’m not crazy about the idea of Jack as “Forest Gump,” especially not if it’s just going to be to name-check every gay person that RTD can think of. I think that stuff is better left to the Doctor. Proust REALLY doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t seem like Jack’s type AT ALL.

hllangel said at least they haven’t mentioned Oscar Wilde yet. I’m now taking bets that there will be a Wilde reference by the end of the series.

The transition from the black smoke to Jack getting out of the car? WTF?

Oh, look! It’s Andie from Autopsy, although Owen giving a pep talk is totally MADE OF WIN.

And if I didn’t way it before: GREAT KISS!!!

I’m off to read the reviews, hoping it will help my pea-brain understand what actually happened to Owen and Martha and what the hell Owen and Jack’s dialogue meant at the end.

NO SUBVERSION FIC THIS WEEK, cause baby there ain’t nothing to subvert. (The 20 page EPIC I wrote over the weekend is in the Beta shop.)
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