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Lots going on the city right now,

But it's cold and rainy and nasty and I'm staying home to finish my Jack/Rose ficathon entry which is giving me more trouble than it should. Basically it's turning into more of a meditation about the Doctor and Rose and the differences between Nine and Ten and how they related to Rose and to Jack as well. In other words here I am trying to write pron with pretty people and there's a bunch of schmoopy angst getting in the way. I'm concerned that I might now finish in time and that I'm not going to give my recipient what they want.

I think the lesson to be learned is NOT TO SIGN UP FOR ANY MORE FUCKING FICATHONS!!! (Especially when I'm supposed to be working on Novel 2008.)

Saw the Chieftans last night at Marin Civic center, or at least Paddy Maloney, Kevin Coneff and a bunch of other folks. Matt Malloy and Sean Keane were both away dealing with family emergencies. It was still a great show. If you ever get a chance to see to Jon and Nathan Pilatzke, you should certainly take it. They do this amazing style of step dancing called Ottawa Valley Step dancing and they're also adorable. Jon also plays fiddle and he's got this totally Ethan Hawke vibe going on.

Alyth Mccormack, was lovely and had a very powerful voice. Cara Butler danced and looked sparkly, but wasn't all that impressive and shouldn't be allowed to sing at all. Maureen Fahey was sitting in on fiddle and she was totally adorable, although her dress was little short and billowy to be attempting to step dance in. Jonny Hardie and Brian McAlpine are Scottish musicians joining the band for this tour and they did ok, as far as I could tell.

Those of you who love men in kilts would also have appreciated the pipers who made an appearance.

We treated my Grandpa who recently celebrated his 90th birthday and has only recently taken up playing the bodhran and organizing groups to play Irish music for the fellow residents of the nursing home he's in.

I had a totally miserable day at the Desk of Doom which I may or may not bore you with later. Let's just say the shit totally hit the fan and god only knows what got forgotten or totally screwed up in the process. Because of the storm on the East Coast I had to spend a lot of time making sure none of those people were stranded which meant the other stuff was backing up all day.

At least the weather gods smiled and it didn't rain while we were on the bike over the Golden Gate Bridge to or from the the show.

Wondercon is this weekend.

If you're going, please stop at booth 817 and say hello to Tommy Roddy (my "accidental" internet friend) and buy a copy of Pride High.

I know I should be going, but really, gotta finish this story.

And just to make the "OMG-I love this town and if you're not having fun here, you're not really trying" point one more time. Today at the Roxie:

Passion and Power: The Technology of Orgasm.

Yup, it's a documentary about the invention of the vibrator, with appearances by the film-makers at tonight's showing.
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