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All caught up. Whew!

I did it. I'm not saying I read every word of every fic posted in house_slash, but I certainly gave most of them a look-see and I read a lot of them in depth and added them to memories.
I'll say it one more time, this community is totally awesome.
I've gone from "Wow, House MD is a really cool show" to over the top totally addicted House Mouse with an LJ account and a slash fetish I didn't even know I had. To steal from TWOP, you know you're addicted to House when every song on your cardio tape gives you yet another idea for a story.
I'm almost ready to post a gift-fic for Acidic_Flower, I'm deep in germination on my angsty-80's song fic and I've got not one, but two Chase pieces that won't leave me alone. I feel just a little burned out on House/Wilson (which doesn't mean another one won't titillate me)but any kind of angsty-weird Chase/House/Wilson dynamic makes my toes curl.

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