February 13th, 2006

Company Time

God protects drunks, fools and travel agents.

I've survived yet another bout of my own self-inflicted mishegas.
Guy calls from the airport because his e-ticket hasn't been run and I immediately start lying and saying I've issued it (as I'm actually issuing it) even though
I'm not even 100% sure anyone ever told me to issue it. In this case he called too late and missed his flight and probably missed taking his kid to the baseball game. I spent the weekend in a gut churn of "I screwed up, I lied, I'm gonna get busted, I'm gonna get fired, I'm gonna get yelled at."
When I finally copped to Bubbles, she wasn't thrilled, but she didn't go ballistic, not like my previous travel agency bitch from hell manager, she didn't make me feel guilty or like I was doing it to hurt HER.
I called the admin and it turned out the guy was OK with the whole although he probably still doesn't realized that I lied my ass off.

You know, maybe, just maybe, if I wasn't spending so much time checking my email, reading my LJ page, typing my RPS when I'm supposed to be, you know, working, this shit wouldn't happen so much. BUT I need my distractions just to get through the day without going crazy. Before LJ it was hours of playing Cubis Gold while ignoring phone calls whenever possible.

Mini meals/caffiene/sugar maintennance also broke down last week, so now I need to climb out of that gutter again.