February 28th, 2006

Company Time

My name is Karaokegal and I'm an...

Well you already know I'm a karaoke addict. I'm also recovering from the usual goodies such as drugs and alcohol, although I was a dilletante at both, which made it pretty easy to stop. My attempts to control sugar and caffeine are pathetic and futile.
But what I really am lately is an LJ Comment Crack Whore.
Hubby thinks it's insulting to actual crack whores to use this particular phrase (he knows more actual crack whores than I do), but it's how I feel about myself when I'm refreshing my email compulsively looking for those comments.
And like all addictions, it's progressive. I got more comments on the recent story posting than I did on the last one, but it doesn't feel like enough. I'm hyper aware of the names I'm not seeing.
Can you tell I wasn't popular in high school?

Today wasn't horribly busy at work, so I had more time to feel the emptiness.

Even without chaos, work still sucks with almighty vengeance.
Due to a car accident in Seattle, my back up support person is now fully committed to working on another account for the next....?????
Which means I'm back to doing my own b.s. like limos, hotels, upgrades.
Bubbles is terrified of havoc I'll wreak when it gets busy again but she just doesn't have enough bodies.
So if you are or know a travel agent in the Bay Area who's available, please let me know.

Just realized I actually have some more work to do before I can go.
Maybe I should refresh my email first though...