March 7th, 2006

Company Time

Living dangerously

So I'm sitting here taking an insanity break with some truly hot Academy Award inspired RPS and what comes along in my office email from Bubbles my regional manager:

This is in follow-up to MANY emails that seem to have not been received/read by everyone.

The (name of company) computer is to be used for business related purposes ONLY. This means no more personal emails YAHOO or AOL are to be sent using your work computer. This means no more surfing the internet other than for work related purposes.

We do not want to be forced to monitor your computers. Unwelcome viruses enter our world by surfing the internet.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

It went out to WHOLE REGION, not just me, so I shouldn't be unduly paranoid, but I immediately went about clearing out as much incriminating stuff as I could from the computer, although I know damn well if they want to bust me I am toast.

Now those who have been following my travails know that they've got better things to fire me for than this. However, if they're looking for an excuse, this would do nicely. This way they're not firing me for screwing up because I was overworked, but they're firing me for abusing the company's equipment.
I'm honestly torn between "Oh no, please don't look at all the naughty things that I've launched from my office computer" and "FUCK YOU! I'm busting my hump for you bastards and if I can't spend a few minutes every hour doing something for my self I'm going to go postal and if that's what you want to fire me over-BE MY GUEST!"

It head IT dude will be out here next week, presumably peeking and prying and trying to catch us doing bad things.

And the crowning irony is that one reason I've been hanging on to a job that makes me so miserable is ....access to the computer!
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