March 19th, 2006

Big Drink

I haven't updated lately

Because I'm bored with whining about my job and I assume that anyone who's still paying attention is bored too.
This past week wasn't completely horrible. The big scary IT threat passed without incident. Bubbles spent her Wednesday with re-assuring me that I'm not going to get fired. I'm still in "I don't care" mode about whether I do or not. Or at least I'm doing a reasonable facsimile thereof. I still hate the job, but I'd rather not get fired just because of the hassle factor.
My friend Regina is encouraging to quit and follow my bliss because life is too short to keep a job that makes you miserable. This is coming from a woman with a husband and 7 (count em) 7 kids who has recently decided she's a lesbian, but hasn't told any of her girlfriends about the husband and 7 kids. Pot. Meet. Kettle.
I'm still trying to get food/sugar/caffeine/excercise back together. Not doing a good job. I blew off a run this AM because I either did get the race number in the mail or hubby accidentally threw it out.
I commit to you all that I will do the Bay To Breakers on
May 21. Although I probably won't be one of the Naked People. Sorry to disappoint.