March 24th, 2006


Vacation all I ever wanted.

Hello friends-First of all, the next entry will be behind an LJ Cut, please don't peek until I give the all clear.

I don't have the full blessing and fine HTML hand of Beta Goddess Carol and I don't want to post till Monday anyway as Friday afternoon seems to be the kiss of death for getting comments and my comment crackwhore self can't abide that.

I'm not going anywhere and I'm probably not giving up carrying the weight of the world (I don't trust the floater and I'm leaving some bad shit behind to deal with) but at least I have a week to NOT BE HERE (the office).
Things to do:
1. Doctors appointment
2. Dentist appointment
3. Movies
4. Calder Exhibit at SF MOMA
5. Sleep.
7. Catch up on reading all the House fan fic I've had to skim over.
8. Work on my contribution to the FryandorLaurie Rareathon.
9. Run/Bike and MAYBE swim.
10. Sleep.
If any of my local SF "friends" want to do any of this with me (no, not the sleeping part) by all means get in touch via the LJ and most of you know where to find me on Sunday anyway. It's gonna be HAIR DAY so wear your sunglasses.
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"As You Are" House MD fic House/Chase, Wilson/Chase NC17 Semi-noncon Wordcount 5419

Title: As You Are
Fandom:House MD
Pairings: Wilson/Chase, House/Chase
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 5419
Warnings: Semi non-con and pretty damn dark. Sort of intended as a tribute to the famous Sonny/Carly hate!sex on General Hospital, but it ran off in a cracktastic direction on its own.
Thanks so much to Beta Goddess Carol for forcing me to find the emotional truth and not just go for the shock value.

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