March 29th, 2006


Rain rain rain rain

As those of you in the Bay Area know-It's been raining a lot. Every day. The cold, wet grayness is kind of infecting my vacation.
I'm happy to not be at work and I've managed to mostly not worry about work, but I'm exactly sunny happy go lucky. Luckily my cell phone is kind of on strike so they can't call me. I told them to email and I've been spending money buying those prepaid computer time cards and doing my LJ stuff at various cafes around town so I can stay out of the house while Hubby is sleeping.
Today I had my teeth cleaned (yeah for nitrous oxide) and saw "The Inside Man". So odd to have Spike Lee direct what is basically a popcorn movie. On the other hand I do love me some Clive Owen, even with Bad American Accent. He should take American Accent lessons from You Know Hugh! Denzel Washington was awesome and Jody Foster managed to get through the entire movie with exactly one facial expression: Smug. You go Jody. Nice to see her in a non-suffering kind of a role.
I posted my bizarro House hatesex/crackfic on Monday and we topped out at about 6 comments. Come on people. I know you're out there. I need more of a fix than that.
Tomorrow is Doctor's appointment for check up. Oh joy. Oh Rapture.