May 1st, 2006

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Think of the good times.

The good days deserve an entry too.

The weekend was wonderful. I’m trying very hard to hold on to the good feelings as I go diving back into the dung heap.

Last Friday, I took my piece-of-crapola Motorola into the T-mobile shop nearby. It’s never really worked since I got it and lately, even on the odd occasions when I have both a charged battery and “bars”, I still get “call failed” on all my calls. He looked it over, checked my brand new battery and brand new sim card and established that it didn’t work. Plus the model I have is no longer being made and I’m out of warranty. Oddly enough, my husband has the exact same model and his works perfectly. He could have just told me I was S.O.L and need a new, more expensive phone. Instead, he had a Samsung around that someone had brought in to be recycled. Turned out when he put my sim card in, it worked perfectly and he gave to me for free. So a BIG CHEER to AJ at the T-mobile store in the Embarcadero Center. I love my new, fabulous, WORKING cell phone.

That set me off for a good weekend, despite the work crap. I got up Saturday and did about 7 miles in the fog. Do not be impressed by this number. I walked the first two and jogged the rest with walk breaks. Since my route takes me over Potrero Hill, through Mission Bay, around the Ball Park past the Ferry Building and into Fisherman’s Wharf, I got to play duck and dodge with Giants fans drinking beers at 10:00AM, Farmer’s Market patrons and the usual idiot tourist brigade. I guess I’m as ready for Bay to Breakers as I’m going to get.

I came home and hubby and I went to Brunch at the Pork Store. We walked up the hill to Office Depot for some stuff and got back to the Roxie, just in time for the two o’clock showing of “Game Six”. Nice little quirky indie movie. Takes place in NYC in 1986 during (you got it) Game Six of the World Series between the Red Sox and the Mets. Starring Michael Keaton (where the hell has he been, anyway) Griffin Dunne, Robert Downey Jr, who can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned (on screen that is). Script by Don DeLillo. Great grungy NYC ambience. The dialogue was a bit self-consciously writery, but so am I, so I really liked it. Go see it, if you have a nearby great little Independent Movie Theater to go to.

We chilled out for the evening watching TV and DVDS. Watched “Chicago” and the first DVD of “Entourage.”

Sunday we had SPRING & SUMMER! It was sunny, warm, beautiful, and breathtakingly spectacular. Everywhere you went in the Mission and the Castro, people were outside with dogs and kids, eating at cafes. This may be it. This may be the Best Day we have until October, so everybody wanted to enjoy it. We had brunch at Platanos where I had the “Tostada Frances”. OMG!!!!! So big. So dense. So rich. With a fruit compote and a side of Dulce De Leche. Eeeeeek. Sugar Shock.

We walked it off by going around Dolores Park and up to Castro Street. Came home and Hubby played some mandolin and fiddle, while I checked up on email and watched “Role Model” the quick way. (Skipping all the non-good bits and especially all the Vogler stuff.) There’s some great H/W bits in there. “Only you could feel like crap about doing the right thing.” The Inuit and the Blue Heron. “Why do you like me?” I still don’t know why he asked her, but I like the look on his face when he does. PIANO SCENE.

I went to the Mint (Karaoke) around three and it was awesome. There were never more than 6 or 7 people in the bar at once. I was the only chick, which I love and it was all my buds (Sebastian, David, Tequila David, Daddy Dave, Andy, Stuart, Orlando, Rockin' Vince) so I felt really comfortable trying out new stuff, most of which worked pretty well. Vince even asked me to sing "Don't You Want Me" with him.

It was such a fabulous weekend. I’m trying desperately to hold on to that feeling as I sit on terminal hold with United Airlines (24.12 minutes and counting) trying to find out if the guy can actually upgrade from the discounted Business Class.
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FCC Vignette

Title: Spring Fever
Author: Karaokegirl
Rating: G
Summary: FCC (Foreman, Chase, Cameron) discuss the boss. Obviously this takes place some time before House Vs. God.
Notes: This was originally the first part of a three-part H/W angstfic that I've decided to shelve for the time being. Unbeta-ed, the suckiness is all mine.
Spoilers: Vague for season 2.
Disclaimer-If Bryan, David et al sue me, do I get to meet them in court?

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