May 15th, 2006

jools knows

FryandorLaurie Rareathon entry

Title: Smooth Operator
Fandom: MI5/Spooks
Pairing: Jools Siviter/Danny Hunter
Author: Karaokegal with significant contributions from Beta-Goddess Carol.
Summary: Jools Rules!
Why it's Rare: You've seen other Spooks slash?
Rating: NC17-Seduction, kink. Wheeee
Word count: It's really long.
Takes place during episodes 4, 5  and 6 of the first series of Spooks/MI5.
A/N-Thanks to the organizers of the Rareathon because I've had more fun writing this and obsessing about Hugh as Jools than almost anything I've done since I got House/Hugh obsessed.
This one wouldn't exist without Beta-Goddess Carol.

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