May 25th, 2006

A little update.

I've just caught up on about 72 hours of my ever-growing f-list. I couldn't read the House discussions about "No Reason" until I saw it last night and yesterday was not conducive to reading smut at work AT ALL.
I got in yesterday and found out that I'd missed ticketing for a guy who was leaving first thing yesterday AM, so he got to the airport and there was no e-ticket.
It wasn't that busy on Tuesday, but I basically frittered the whole day doing F-list reading, typing up my own smut and working on other people's smut. Hey, I care about my House/LJ life and I don't actually care about my job, except when I screw up and have to suffer the consequences.
I thought I'd managed to get everything ticketed but this one sort of fell through the cracks.
I had to email Bubbles who was laid up with a sprained ankle and clearly didn't need to be reminded of what a screwup I am. I apologized profusely to the admin who is brand new working with this guy and really doesn't know what she's doing. I wrote an apology letter. I bought him a Border's Gift Certificate because his old admin told me he doesn't like wine and Shari's Berry's a bit too girly to send a guy.
Bubbles threatened me with a visit, which basically means she asks me what's wrong and I squirm and promise not to do it again. However in this case it looks like Dianna (who's here in the office with me, but working on other accounts) is going to be a "home agent" and Tobie will come in here and we'll finally have two agents in the office dedicated to just this account.
Tobie is going to be "Mommy" and she's going to come in and rescue me from myself by helping me to unclutter my desk, my queues and my life.
Anyway, I read as much of the last three days fiction as I could, but
I'm so addicted that I feel guilty if I don't read and comment on everything. Especially in light of my own comment crackwhore tendancies.
I'm also struggling with the next chapter of "Put Out The Fire". I have to answer the question: You think they don't have kinky sex in Montana? In a way that isn't too OOC for what we know about Lindsay (who I've barely paid attention to until I started writing this thing) and sets up future going's on with "Doogie Howser from Down Under". THIS is why I've never (intentionally) written a multi-parter.
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