May 30th, 2006

Happy Tuesday

Well I've been here 15 minutes with no major disasters exploding in my face.
I'm here with Tobie today, who is eventually going to be working onsite with full time and will also be dedicated to the account. I've liked working with Dianna, but she was mostly working on the OTHER accounts so I was alone with this behemoth. Dianna is a great person, but I think she thought I was a total nut job. She may have had a point. And she hasn't always been able to cope with my mood swings. Plus there was always a bit of country mouse/city mouse between us. She's a ranch gal from Petaluma and I'm New York born, New Jersey bred, San Franciscan by the grace of god, urbanite.

The weekend was really nice. Saturday, hubby and I mostly chilled, took a walk, did breakfast in the Castro (at around 1 in the afternoon). Watched DVDs. We're still on the 2nd Season of Alias. (Better late than never?) I got to see Spy-daddy bang Mama Hari (I love Television Without Pity) like an oven door. Guest appearances by Ethan Hawke, Christian Slater and OMG it's David Carradine!

Sunday, Hubby had to go in early and work 7PM-7AM. This sucked for him, but was actually cool for me because I went to the Mint for Karaoke at about 330PM and didn't stagger out until after 9PM. Whew.

I got to spend quality time with a friend I haven't seen in a very long time. (Hi, sweetie if you're reading this.) He's one of the few men I'm willing to break the "I only flirt with men who've tested positive for the show-tune gene" rule for. We talked and talked and sang until the place was just getting way too mobbed.
Daddy Dave the KJ and Jane the bartended asked me to "One Night In Bangkok" which used to be my signature song, so I finished up with that. I don't like the version they have now, but I still kicked ass.
"I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine."

Since I didn't have to get up yesterday, I was still home when hubby got in. We watched a little telly (Rocketman from BBC America) and then I went out for my long run, while he watched some Law and Order CI, which I loathe and detest.

Such a beautiful day. Just a little cool. Perfect running weather, althought it should be mentioned that what I do wouldn't be described as running by anyone actually familiar with the activity. I went over Potrero Hill around Mission Bay, past the Ballpark (Barry Bonds 715!)
and along the Embarcadero, Fisherman's Wharf (tourist hell!) to Aquatic Park. A little over 7 miles. Took the bus almost home and walked a little more.

Then I hung out at Cafe Petra with the laptop so I wouldn't wake hubby and I so I could take advantage of blessed hi-speed internet while I tried (haha) to catch up on my f-list and also worked on the
third chapter of "Put Out The Fire" which has been a royal bitch to write. Blessings again to Rivers_Bend for putting up with my whining about the process.

Around 330PM I went back over to the Mint which was basically deserted so I was able to sing a lot a try a bunch of new stuff.
Came home around 6 and cooked and posted the chapter. Sent hubby off to work at 940PM only to have him call me at 1015PM because he'd forgotten his glasses and I had to run them over to the place he works. I guess I'm not the only one suffering from brain rot.

OK, back to pretending to work.
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