June 7th, 2006

Karaokegal crackfic drabbles - Cameron/House/Chase

Three drabbles (100 words each) inspired by an afternoon at the Mint. The people responsible know who they are.

1. One Night In Bangkok

House always caught her looking. Even when she thought he was high, or sleeping, or lost in his music. With a glance he’d let her know that nothing had changed.

One time he was smiling, listening to something on the iPod.
When he caught her, he said “I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine,” and shut his eyes again, shutting her out.

She remembered the shower room. His arms, the curve of his clavicle, the perfect distrubution of chest hair and his eyes blazing into her, despite his pain and the drugs.

Maybe above the waistline would be enough.

2. If you leave.

He couldn’t remember if he’d touched her once or touched her twice. Once would be with his cane outside the cop’s apartment, twice would be when she tried to stop him from going to Cuddy’s office with the IV. Or once would be the chaste peck he’d given her on their date, twice would be getting close enough to take a swab for her HIV test. Or once would be his brutal words, twice would be letting her see that Stacy still owned part of him.

Either way, he knew she wouldn’t let go at any price.

3. Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

Chase dreamed the dreams of the haunted.

As a boy, he’d loved adventure stories. He wanted to be Ivanhoe or Robin Hood. He thought he wanted to be a hero when all he wanted was to escape. He ran from death and loneliness to God and from God to medicine and ended up alone in a place called Princeton with two obsessions.

House tormented him by day and Cameron walked to him on waves at night. In his dreams they were able to love each other and he loved them for it