June 17th, 2006

Drabble-"The First Lie" H/W Rating-R

Title:The First Lie
Author: Karaokegal
Word count : 100 exactly
Summary: Where were you when the pain started?
A/N-Bitten by plot bunny. May be expanded into longer fiction.

He told Stacy (and everyone else, including his attending) that he was golfing.

He was with Wilson.

Because the thing between them wouldn’t go away. Despite his love for Stacy. Despite Wilson’s second marriage, which had barely begun its inevitable descent into tedium.

When the pain started, his legs were over Wilson’s shoulders, a position that was barely comfortable and which he would never be able to assume again, but he didn’t know that yet.

When the screaming started, it could almost have been mistaken for the cries of pleasure that had come seconds before.

Everybody lies, especially about sex.

Sunshine Day

Sometimes life really is a pop song, unfortunately today it's the Brady Bunch. It's that gorgeous today in San Francisco.

Please send good thoughts to my Hubby. He's a wonderful guy and puts up with my LJ/House/Smut obsessions, better than most men would.
He had surgery yestery. Arthroscopy to repair hammertoes on his pinkie toes. He's in a bit of pain, taking vicodin, limping and not shaving. Doesn't quite make him "you know who", but I love him anyway. Unless he somehow causes Tivo NOT to record "Daddy's Boy" on Tuesday. In that case, there will be consequences. "Daddy's Boy" is one I missed because I didn't getted hooked on House MD until on DVD until the 2nd season had started.

We're hanging out watching World Cup matches. Soccer makes great background white noise for working on the smut because Hubby can let me know if something exciting happens, and I don't have to get involved in a narrative if it doesn't. Right now we're watching Netherlands/Cote D'Ivoire.

I went downtown to get the office ready for Tobie to start on Monday.
Finally, finally we'll have two agents on the account full time. Theoretically, my productivity can drop by half and I won't have anymore screwups. Tobie is going to be Mommy and make me clean up after myself and be organized. Hahahahahah. Organized. Me. Yeah.
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