June 20th, 2006


I am now officially...

the most House MD-obsessed bitch on the planet. I just called home and bugged my hubby, (you know, the long suffering dude, who just had surgery and generally puts up with my mishegas,) and I made him re-check our Tivo to be asbotively posilutely sure that we were taping "Daddy's Boy" and "Spin" because those are two I missed. I got hooked on the 1st season DVDs from Netflix in September and October and by that time the 2nd season had started. For awhile there I actually had plans to wait until the 2nd season was over and just do the DVD thing again.
Hahahahahhahahahahahahaahha. Of course once I googled House Slash Fiction and ended up here on LJ among my peeps, that idea went by the wayside, but I missed a lot of episodes including some of the biggies: "The Mistake", "Hunting", etc. I'm dying to see these two eps. And he better not
accidentally delete them after we watch because I'm planning on watching them over and over and over.

I am so obsessed with this show, with the fanfic, with the smut, with Hugh, with my fellow House-fraus. It's like I'm this totally out of control 15 year old. And I wasn't this out of control when I was 15. No offense to the 15 year olds, especially those of you who write better smut than I ever will. (Waaaaaahhhhh!!!!)
I'm not sure I'd put up with this BS if I were hubby. Especially cos I was pretty snippy when I got home after last nights fiasco. Yeah, he gets the spillover from the smut, but still...

Hey screen cappers-I'm desperately looking for a shot of RSL from "Autopsy" right after Wilson tells House "Go to hell." It's a serious crotch shot and I want it for my own. I've checked out the autopsy caps at www.hughlaurie.net and it's close but no (ahem) cigar.

Love to the teeming millions from the obsessed psycho.
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