July 4th, 2006


"Heat Wave" RPS HL/RSL- NC17

Title: Heat Wave
Author: Karaokegal
Genre: RPS
Pairing: HL/RSL
Rating: NC17
Warnings/Author’s notes: Spoilers through the end of season two. Mentions of significant others. Appearances by the usual suspects and some new ones.
Disclaimer: It’s just a fantasy. It’s not the real thing. I’m not making any money.
Snogs and smooches and anything else she wants to Beta Goddess Carol, who never let me take the easy way out and always nurtures my Hugh & Bobby love.
Summary: Bobby gives an interview. Angst and smut ensue.
Word Count: 6966

The story so far:
Wrap Party
Like A Hurricane

Collapse )

And yet more Hugh&Bobby this way