July 18th, 2006

RIP Mickey Spillane.

So long, tough guy.

We would have had nothing in common in real life, but I absolutely worshipped his prose.

No one wrote a declarative sentence, and especially a killer ending line like Mickey Spillane.

Before realizing that I wasn't built for the role, I wanted to be a Mickey Spillane woman. That beautiful, that tough. Of course, the only trust-worthy one was his secretary Velda. Just about every other dame that Mike Hammer came across turned out to be a treacherous bitch. The books are borderline misogynist and out and out homophobic, so how could I who was destined to be a left-wing, liberal, feminist, fag hag love them so much?
"It was easy."

Reading Mickey Spillane when I was way too young for it, 14ish maybe, changed my life as much as getting hold of The Sexual Outlaw by John Rechy at around the same time did. And you can see exactly what kind of a sick puppy I turned out to be.

God bless the weirdness and lax supervision of the Fair Lawn Public Library.

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