August 6th, 2006

"After The Fall" Cam/Cuddy Drabble PG13

Title:After The Fall
Wordcount: Exactly 100
Rating: PG13
Summary: What happened after “Humpty Dumpty” or at least after I watched it three times in a row.

Cameron came to Cuddy’s house and found the holes in her roof crying. She knew she was risking another rejection. Cuddy wore her armor as tightly as House did, but Cameron had seen her pain and needed to try.

She placed a hand on Cuddy’s shoulder, looking into her eyes, the color of the sky during a sunshower.

Cuddy reached her arms around Cameron’s neck, pulling her close.

“I’m not House.”

“And I’m not Stacy,” she whispered just before their lips touched and it didn’t matter who they were.

For one rainy night, they would be enough for each other.