August 14th, 2006

"Back For Good" H/W drabble

Title: Back For Good
Author: Karaokegal
Rating: Implied slash
Pairing: H/W
Word count: 100
Summary: A moment in time from House Vs. God
Warning: Spoiler for House Vs. God

“Are you moving back in with me?”

In Wilson’s moment of hesitation, House imagined:

Dinners that didn’t put him at risk for MSG poisoning.
Company for his trash tv habit.
Finally understanding Alfred Hitchcock’s obsession with blondes.
Wilson waiting patiently on his front steps. Sometimes a man needs a distraction.
Somebody there when the pain wouldn’t let him sleep, who could ease him away from the needles that waited to give him succor.
Nights when he wouldn’t be alone, because even though Wilson slept on the couch, House never locked his bedroom door.

“I don’t think that’s a great idea.”

Closing time...

OK, I didn't exactly make it until closing time at the Mint last night, but let's just say I was up pretty damn late. Maybe got home around 145AM. For a Sunday night, it never got very full so the rotation stayed short and I got to sing a lot. I also got to watch Sudsy, the Sunday night KJ in action. A lot of people find him to be an annoying, pretentious asshole and as a KJ, he leaves a bit to be desired. He almost never hangs out while your singing to help adjust volume or key in the middle of a song. But he exudes an aura of decadance that I find fascinating. Somehow he alwasy finds a way to make me feel geeky or stupid or ungainly or somthing. It's not really a crush or an obsession, but it is fascination. He's one of three people I wrote into my "West Hollywood" novel, just to deal with the fascination. It should tell you something that the character turned out to be a strip club owner and phone sex entrepreneur.

I wound up throwing my bra at the stage because he sang "Thunderball" by Tom Jones. That's always a classy move.

I was able to be out so late because of Hubby working 7PM to 7AM so I couldn't even go out till after 630PM and the fact that I am ON VACATION!!!! I'm really hoping that this "bumming around the city" vacation works out better than the last one which I documented some time in March, when it rained every day and I was depressed and seriously paranoid about what was going on back at the office. Now I've got Tobie there who I do trust and hopefully she will keep Ray the floater from wreaking too much havoc in my absence. My only project today is to do a site inspection (and hopefully glom a free lunch) over at the new St. Regis hotel. Maybe get some maintennance done on my person.

I wrote and wrote and wrote. I'm still working on the House/Cam for the smutathon. I had a thin notebook, so even though I covered a lot of pages, I'm hoping I didn't generate that many words.

So many fanfic writing projects going on. The long long long Chasefic of which I shall whine no more, has been through one round of Beta and is already much improved, although it has a bit of a long and winding road (Piano Chords) to go through. I have to watch some House eps in preparation for the next thing on the queue.

Hubby's home watching L&O SVU. God I hate that show. Yeah, I know, brilliant acting/writing, but I just find the stuff they have to deal with and the self-righteousness that the repellency allows them to perpetrate incredibly nauseating. I can deal with L&O original recipe, especially episodes with Jerry Orbach but SVU and CI just annoy the hell out of me. And don't get me started on Vince D'Onfrio. Every time he starts yelling at someone to get them to fess up, I just want to smack him with a frying pan. I think it's time to put on my House eps on here.

Luckily we're a two TV set family, so divorce is not imminent.
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