August 20th, 2006


Vacation Report

This was a vast improvement over my last attempt at taking a week off and bumming around town. For one thing it didn’t rain every damn day. It didn’t rain at all. We had typical San Francisco weather for August. Some days warm and some very foggy and nippy, but NO RAIN!

Also I was not obsessed with what might be happening at the office. I emailed once and let it go. I trust Tobie to take care of things, including keeping an eye on Ray, the floater.

Plus I was not miserably depressed. Probably because of points 1 & 2.

I spent a massive amount of time sitting here in my living room working on my laptop. I have two solo writing projects in the Beta stage right now. The “Chase-fic that ate my life” written for the Chase fic-a-thon has finally been Beta-ed down to under 10,000 words. Hal-le-bloody-lu-jah. Bless Beta-Goddess Carol, for taking me by the hand and forcing me to amputate large chunks of deathless prose self-indulgent twaddle and even more so for agreeing to work on my entry in the House/Cameron Smutcomm Ficathon, where I proved rather definitively that slashers, especially hardcore (if round-heeled) H/W slashers should not invite themselves to a House/Cameron smut party.

I think it might have been harder on Beta-Goddess Carol than it was on me. I hadn’t quite realized how vast the chasm between H/W and H/Cam shippers was. I still believe that Hot and Well-Written Trumps Everything (could someone please, please make me an icon that says it), so maybe I’m not as good a slasher as I ought to be. Mea culpa. Mea slashima culpa.

I gotta say it was definitely a good experience from a creative point of view to have my slash-glasses temporarily removed and watch the episodes without them. It’s good to break away from the Borg for awhile. Of course now I’m back, safe with my peeps and the glasses have been surgically re-attached so that I could collaborate with rivers_bend on our bright and shiny work in progress. I don’t want to oversell the product, but I will say that the H/W-ness should be enough to get me back into good standing with the One True Faith following my brief lapse into apostasy.

Sneak previews: While I was running today, I got glimpses of ideas for the next RPS. I'm currently germinating a Joolsfic for Vanilla Fluffy's bday and I've sign up for the next H/W ficathon.

Here’s what else I did on my vacation: Went to the gym twice. Did a 8 mile bicycle ride. Saw “Who Killed The Electric Car” and “Pirates Of The Caribbean” with Hubby. Went to the Museum Of The African Diaspora. Ate over-priced sushi in Pacific Heights. Got a massage with hot stones at Relax Now. Did a site inspection at the St. Regis.If you win the lottery and are planning to come to San Francisco and I haven’t offered you my couch…by all means, stay at the St. Regis. It's a truly lovely property, both visually and tactilely. I wanted to touch everything. I wanted to move in.
I also went to a dinner at the W. It was a work thing and I was on vacation, but hey-Travel agent. Free food. You know the drill.

And of course there was a whole lot of Karaoke going on. That’s what I call a great vacation.

Now we start the three month countdown to MAUI!!!!
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