September 6th, 2006


Fanfic Costume Party Invitation-

Guess what guys? It’s 55 days to Halloween. Normally I celebrate by dressing up and going to the Mint for karaoke. This year, I have something a little more creative in mind.

karaokegal’s “Come as you’re not” fanfic costume party.

I’m inviting you all to write a fanfic as someone other than yourselves.

Costume examples:
If you’re known for linear narrative, go poetic and out of sequence.
Are you a fluff-bunny? Write angst.
Have you said you can’t/won’t do smut? Go down and dirty.
Write for a pairing you don’t believe in, preferably one that violates your OTP.
Do a story for a fandom you’ve never written in.
Write in a style you claim to despise. Songfics, deathfics, AU are all welcome as long as it’s something that you would never be caught dead doing in a million, billion, years.
Base a fic on a cliché you’ve been railing against.
Write a purposely sucky story and create your own MST for it. Or pair up with someone and get them to do the MST for you.
For added costume appeal-create a userpic that is totally NOT YOU!

No word restrictions. Elaborate costumes (long fics) or masks thrown over the face (drabbles), or anything in between are fine.

RSVP not necessary. You can tell us your costume in advance or surprise us at the party. I’ll open the post at about 9:00AM PST on October 31. Post the story in your own LJ and put the link in a comment.

BRING FRIENDS: Pimp this post on your F-list, but NOT in any of the fiction communities. This is not an official FEST, Challenge, or Exchange. It’s just a party!

I don’t have a formal prompt list but if you need help with a costume, feel free to post here and let people know if you need a little help sewing buttons (getting prompts) or putting on make-up (beta!). I’m sure they’ll be glad to help you. If you ask Karaokegal, she will provide a song lyric to help with your costume. You won’t be required to use it, but if you do, I’ll save you some extra candy corn.

See you all there!

Everything's Coming Up Roses

WARNING: Massive real-life mush alert to follow!!!

Today is my wedding anniversary. Sixteen fabulous years with a guy who puts up with my mishegoss including the past year of House/Hugh/Smut/LJ obsession. He came home this morning and started asking me for my address at work and I'm like WTF? He says "Well, I need the address so I can send you flowers. Happy Anniversary." I'd forgotten. I always forget. Mostly I've been preoccupied with the obsession, especially the new season starting last night and the recent collaboration and the in-progress birthday present, among others.

Last year I always waited until Wednesday so we could watch the new eps together, but he said he know it would be a pain for me to avoid spoilers on LJ for twenty four and that I should watch alone in real time and he'd watch in the morning.

He did, in fact, send me roses at work with a card saying "Count them. 16 Roses. 16 Years."

All together now: Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

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