October 23rd, 2006

Hot well written

"Scotch & Soda" House/Cuddy-pre-show drunk!fic

Title: Scotch & Soda
Characteres: Greg House, Lisa Cuddy (mention of OFC)
Rating: Slightly adult
Word count: 3758
Summary: When Lisa met Greg.
Warnings: No smut. No spoilers. Lots of alcohol.
A/N-Written for fallen_arazil in gratitude for creating the attached userpic to express my slogan for all fanfic smut: Hot and Well-Written Trumps Everythng. She wanted somethng involving House/Wilson and alcohol with possible Cuddy. I tried. It wasn't happening because of how I'm feeling about the boys right now, so I came up with this instead.
This is the first year I'm celebrating my bday with my LJ friends and this is my gift to ALL OF YOU for all the love and happiness you've given me.

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Who needs cake? I've got smut!

And the best on-line family and friends a girl could want.

A year ago, I was glued to my office seat trying to pretend I still cared about my job, while breathlessly reading everything that had been posted on House_Slash since the community had been formed. That was where I landed after Googling "House/Wilson Slash Fiction". I had no idea what LJ really was, I didn't have an account, and I hadn't "met" any of you yet. I certainly wasn't writing anything and I only thought I knew how obsessed I was and was going to get with House/Hugh/LJ/Smut etc. And look at me now. This is already one of the best birthdays I've ever had. What could be more beautiful than tailor made smut?

The party got off to a rousing start here: http://rivers-bend.livejournal.com/59781.html
with a stunning banner made by the imcomparable rivers_bend who also wrote not one, but two pieces of hot, sweet, yummy, delicous, kinky, OH MY GOD HOT!!!! smut for me. Go over there immediately and bow before Smutora Hortense, Porn Goddess. There's (be still by beating heart) George Clooney/Anderson Cooper RPS as well as CSI-NY hate!sex, Mac/Danny in a leather chair. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
And did I mention the shiny new icon-Points at shiny new icon.

I also received a really special present from starhawk2005, who is mostly a House/Cameron specialist (Karaokegal breaks out in song "Nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest.") and for my birthday she came over to the darkside and H/W with Forceful!HOuse. Hello!!!! Give it a clickie kids. If you've missed her work because of the Het-thing, you're in for a treat. http://starhawk2005.livejournal.com/80608.html#cutid1

Just wanted to share the wonderful, wonderful smut with those who may not have seen it yet.

Now I'm off to work on my Halloween Costume.

Sing it with me guys....BIG FINISH

Nobody does it half as good as you.....Baaaaaaaayyyyyybeeeeeee......darling you're the best...(baby you're the best....)
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