October 30th, 2006

Hot well written

Warning to slashers-Here be Het! House/Cam, Wilson/Cam NC17

Written for the backsexy fic-a-thon.

Title: Any Way You Want It
Author: karaokegal
Word Count: 3850
Pairings: House/Cameron, Wilson/Cameron
Prompt: #24-“She yielded with a quiver that was like death,,she went all open to him…And oh,,if her were not tender to her now,,how cruel,,for she was all open to him and helpless! D.H. Lawrence. Lady Chatterly’s Lover
Summary: Be careful what you wish for.
Author’s notes: Thanks a million times over the fabulous Beta Goddess Carol for walking down the mean streets of het with me once again. Hugs to kj_draft for lending me her Het shipper glasses.

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