November 1st, 2006

The Party Goes On!

I know it's officially not Halloween any more, but we've still got people showing up in awesome costumes.
If you gave up the ghost early last night after a few too many Snow Balls (the new official drink of please go back to the party post. michelleane68 has recently arrived in a House/Justice het crossover fic. Victor Garber and Lisa E? EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Speaking of Het-The pimping continues. Yes, I'm whining in a most unseemly Cameron-like way. I know you're all totally hungover and bleary eyed from all the awesome fic which ranged from brilliant to angsty to cracktastic and every shade in between. If you get chance, I'd still love you to take a peek at this:

I promise you my slashy friends, the sex is Het, but it's in no way happy and there is certainly no House/Cam cotton candy fluff to be found. In fact the H/W subtext is even stronger (and nastier) than it was the last time I ventured into Het-land. I wants my precious feedback even if it's concrit, yawning or total revulsion. (OK, how about a bribe money back guarantee. If you read and hate it, give me a pairing and prompt and I'll write a drabble for you.)

And now a musical tribute to last nights House Episode! (Karaokegal has been too busy meeting, greeting, and reading to do much singing at her own party, but feels this is the time.)

Crank up your air guitars and sing along:

Behind a cut although I don't THINK it's really a spoiler.

Collapse )

More partying:

If you're not completely in need of a trip to re-hab, please meet me back here tomorrow for the after-party party. We'll clean up a little, give out the rest of the left-overs, try various hangover cures, accept nominations for an informal award ceremony, and discuss how we might do it again next year, even better.
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