November 3rd, 2006

The Party's it's time for the after-party party!!!

Hey gang, thanks for either coming back, sticking around, or just refusing to leave because you were having such a good time or managed to get stuck to the couch. I figure those of you who are still here or felt like dropping back could help me clean up a little, talk about the party, and nurse our hangovers together. I've got Bloody Marys, Virgin Marys, Bullshots and whatever cures you'd like to contribute. There's still plenty of candy around so grab a handful and put it in your goodie bag along with all the wonderful comments you collected as a result of your mishegas genius.

Big group hug and a bunch of virtual high-fives.

This was a truly amazing Halloween. I came up with this idea on a whim and put out the first post with no idea what kind of turnout we'd get. I love you all.

Some preliminary statistics: As of right now, we have total of 31 attendees (plus me), 32 stories (plus a MST and a flamewar) one pron poem. and one melt-down by the hostess.

23 different fandoms were represented thanks to crossovers and especially thanks to kohlrimmedeye who showed up at the last minute with a fic that included 20 different fandoms. I'm not sure she linked so if you haven't read it, go over to paperclipbitch and do so. The two most highly represented were House MD and Jeeves & Wooster, no big surprise there but what you guys did with (and to) them...un-be-fucking-lievable. Some of you topaz_eyes, vanillafluffy and especially perspi went beyond anything I could have imagined in elaborateness of costume.

There will be a master race list. If anyone would like to volunteer to compile it....(Bueller...anyone?)otherwise, when I get around to it.

I deliberately did NOT want any kind of "best story" competition to be involved. Every single costume was brilliant. I can't believe how far out of their comfort zones, OTPs and styles writers were willing to go.

I am taking the liberty of awarding the BIG CLANKING COJONES to skyblue_reverie and her partner in crime ennui_blue_lite for the J/W bad!fic, the MST, the flamewar and my undying gratitude for being early supporters of the project.

Two other stories I'd like to nominate...and please please please come back with nominations and awards in these or other categories:

My nominee for scariest costume would have to be deelaundry for "Pillory". Her House/Wilson in an AU was truly disturbing because it was so brilliantly written that there was no way to laugh it off or ignore it or believe it wasn't really happening.

My nominee for crackiest crack is silsbee329 for "House Meets His Mack". Of all the bizarro House dreams I've ever read...thank I god I paid that bribe to the cops. If they walked in and saw us smoking that stuff, we would have ended the night in the pokey for sure.

I am awarding a "Biggest Winner of the Night" to

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Tell me about your own costumes, if you don't mind discussing the creative process out loud. How did you decide what constituted a "costume" for you and how did it feel to do it? Which was harder, doing a different style or a different pairing, or a different genre? If you're a slasher who wrote het, exactly how painful, naseating etc was it?

In my case, going out of OTP, not so hard because I'm a round-heeled H/W slasher anyway. Trying for the non-linear, snapshot style. Nearly impossible. I made up a whole back-story and desperately wanted to get it all into the narrative. And I'm so NOT a present tense writer. My admiration for those of who you are has shot up ten-fold and it was pretty high before.

If you took a song prompt and used it, how did that work? If I gave you one and and it was like...naaaahhhh... tell me about that.

I'm considering a Mardi-Gras Karaoke Party. Song prompts for everyone. Would that interst you? If it does, should the prompts be a whole song including writers and artists or just the snippets as I did this time.

Lord willin' and the crick don't rise, I am planning to do it again next year. (And if someone else wants to host, we can certanly discuss that.)

Any opinions about the mechanics of the party itself? Should we cast a wider net and allow pimping to actual comms (flyers on every corner) rather than just via the f-lists (word of mouth)? Did you feel overwhelmed with the number of fics as it was? Too much to read at one time.

Should I open a new comm for the party or just keep it in a comment thread with links to the LJ's?

And anything else you want to tell me or eachother that might have been left out of goodie-bag comments.

Thanks again to rivers_bend for saying "yeah, that sounds like a good idea" and if I start going on about all the other cool stuff she does I'll get too schmoopy for my own good.

She also brought the big green bag to put the bottles in. So everybody grab a bag and start cleaning and talking.
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