November 7th, 2006

The wait is over: "London Calling" by Karaokegal RPS HL/RSL NC17

Title: London Calling
Author: Karaokegal
Word Count: 7444
Rating: NC17
Summary: What’s going on in Hugh’s trailer? Includes angst, smut, more angst and appearances by the Usual Suspects, among others.
Warning: This is RPS. That means it involves real people, including their real families, friends, and financial advisors. If that is going to upset or offend you, you may want to read something else.
Spoilers for "Meaning"
Disclaimer: It’s bullshit. I made it up. None of this happened and I’m not making any money for saying it did.
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Thanks again and again and again to Beta Goddess Carol for going and staying on the journey with me.

The story so far:

Wrap Party
Like A Hurricane
Heat Wave

Collapse )

Next installment: Friends & Lovers