November 13th, 2006

puppy love

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...

Or because I'm a bitch, or a self-pimping comment crack-whore.

Today and for the rest of this week, you can hate me because I'm in Maui, listening to the waves and trying to let go of that hellish, never-ending shit-storm I call a job. I'm on-line and checking LJ periodically, but not compulsively. If you post something awesome and I don't comment (which is pretty hypocritical under the circumstances) that's why. If it's super awesome and you think I should see it (or you see somebody else's super-awesomeness and think I should see it) comment here and let me know.

There will be a long travel-logue when the trip is done, but for now just know I survived the screaming baby express and I'm here and safe and happy and I love you all.