December 1st, 2006

A Matter Of Trust House/Cuddy NC17 Wordcount:2539

Title: A Matter Of Trust
Pairing: House/Cuddy
Word Count: 2539
Rating: NC17
Summary: Missing scene from "Meaning"
Notes: Written for starhawk2005's birthday. She wanted House/Cuddy with forceful!House.
A/N: Thanks to my whole wonderful f-list for putting up with the whinging and whining and NOT saying (usually) "That's what you get for writing het."
Genuflection and ring-kissing to Beta Goddess Carol for helping me over-come serious self-doubt.

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Hot well written

Since it's now December 2 on the East Coast-Happy Birthday starhawk2005

Proving that the farmer and the cowboy the slasher and the het-fan can be friends, I consider her one of my best LJ buds. Even though I came to LJ and the House-fandom as a die-hard H/W slasher, I quickly glommed on to starhawk2005's House/Cam kinky fic because hey, I'm a very kinky girl. Even though we watch the show with completely different sets of glasses, I'm always avid to read her Metas after each broadcast and look forward to new House MD fiction, especially her (pant pant) Trust and Control series.

She is a living, breathing, writing exemplar of the Karaokegal fanfic motto: Hot and Well-Written Trumps Everything.

Back on my birthday, she crossed out of her usual comfort zone to write me sizzlin' smutty House/Wilson-(It's here, if you missed it:

Her birthday request was "House/Cuddy with forceful!House". I thought "hey, piece of cake." Hahahahahahahahahah.
This was a bit of a struggle, but I think I finally got there.

Here's your story!

Love ya, hon!
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