December 14th, 2006

Congratulations to Hugh Laurie-Golden Globe nomination.

However, no nomination for the show or any of the other actors. Probably because for supporting, they combine all the "series, miniseries and motion pictures made for television." No matter how you slice it, RSL gets jobbed out a seriously deserved nomination.

Full list here:

P.S.-Does anyone else but me totally hate the new posting format?
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"Mission Of Mercy" Wilson/Cam, House/Wilson-Stealth slash. PG13 1151 Words.

Title: Mission Of Mercy
Author: Karaokegal
Wordcount: 1151
Pairings: Wilson/Cameron, House/Wilson implied.
Rating: PG13-barely
Warnings: Het & Slash-something to annoy everyone. Spoilers through "Merry Little Christmas". Possible OOC-ness.
Notes: I see that much sniping, I see hate!sex. My first attempt at first person fanfic. Unbeta-ed. Schpilkes wins out over common sense.
Summary: Even nice guys have their limits.

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