December 25th, 2006

"Transcript" Stacy/Cameron PG 13 3355 Words-Merry Christmas Kohl-Rimmed-Eye

Title: Transcript
Pairing: Stacy/Cameron
Word Count: 3355
Spoilers: Stacy arc in general, "Hunting" and "The Mistake" in particular.
Notes: Written as a Christmas gift for the breathtakingly prolific and frightenly brilliant kohlrimmedeye a/k/a paperclipbitch who wanted more Stacy/Cameron.
Warnings: Not very happy and just a bit smutty. A new format attempt for me. As always, bring on the comments and concrit.
Summary: I could keep a secret and she probably wouldn’t remember anything.

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Rambling Rose

If I could have avoided Marin County Grandpa/Grandma/Aunt/Uncle and cousins, I would have. OK, the latkes were good and I got a nice bracelet/earring set, but big deal. The ride home on the motorcycle was miserably cold and hubby didn't wait till I got all the toll money out so there was situation with that.

I barely got it together to get hubby his X-mas gift until Christmas Eve. I still did OK because I knew there was a Nickel Creek compilation that he wasn't aware of which had videos and that getting it would make him happy, which it did.

But really, really, really, the only thing I care about is my House/Hugh/LJ/Smut life. The only presents I cared about giving or receiving are the fics I've been writing lately. There will be many stories posted in this space in the next few days and there will be angst galore. Maybe a smidge of fluff (not antepodean bumfluff) but really DARK DARK DARK. Because I'm Evil. (My middle name is Misery).

I had an awesome little time at the Mint last night hanging out with some of my favorite pretty boys and watching the so-called straight guy sing "I Want Your Sex" with his shirt off. I guess he was straight because I really wanted him to put the shirt on and his the gym. I finished a very special story by eleven o'clock and came home to commece bleary eyed typing.

I'm being a beta slut tonight which makes me feel super scuzzy. Let's just say it's act of love and leave it there for now. Or that I'm assuming everybody is half-drunk and missing something. If I have beta by gang-bang, I have half a chance of catching everything.

So...Christmas...I went to sleep around 330AM, Hubby got home at 8:00AM and we did presents. He had given me a nice pair of jammies before he left. Except - TMI alert, flannel jammies aren't necessarily the best present for someone who sweats a lot at night- end TMI alert. This morning he gave me an iPod. I'm terrified. People, I'm still making cassettes off my CDS amd calling for hubby to help me whenever anything goes wrong with my computer. I'm not sure I'm ready for iPod. I feel like Vegetative State Guy.

Hubby slept most of the day. I chatted, had a bit of wrestling match with a beta on one of my gift stories. I think it ended up for the better of the story, but it got tough.

When hubby woke up a while ago, the plan was to eventually watch some DVD's. We're on Season 4 of Alias and Season 2 of Deadwood. And tonight was going to be a rare night when I could actually WATCH the DVD at full attention instead of having one eye on the tv and the other on the laptop or notebook. I have a few more fics in the works, but no more Christmas/New Years deadlines. So it's nearly 8:00PM and where is Hubby?

Hubby made the fatal error of calling "Psycho-sis". That's my sister in law. She's sick, she's miserable and she's a manipulative fuckin' nut jub. Matt is out right now on Christmas night, hoping someplace will be open so he can get food for her, because when he called, she announced that she had no food in the hour and he had to go shopping for her. Bitch!

It's giving me some time to update, fret over some more beta issues, put smut in binders etc. I've got a bunch of Tivo-ed Houses so maybe I'll watch some of those.
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"An Isle Of Joy" CSI-NY Mac/Danny NC17 Word Count 4438

Title: An Isle of Joy
Fandom: CSI-NY
Pairing: Danny Messer/Mac Taylor
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 4840
Summary: Post Season 2-Danny can’t go on like this. Now he just has to convince Mac. More or less PWP.
Warnings: Season 1 & 2 spoilers.
Notes: Beta-ed under trying circumstances by gin200168. Thank you, Sensei. Any OOC-ness is solely my responsibility.
This is my first "real" CSI-NY fic. Comments and concrit are welcome.

Also available at:

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